7 Top Places To Buy Engagement Ring In India


A wedding is incomplete without an engagement ring. It is not an ordinary ring, but a symbol of trust, love, promise, and the strong bond that couples have. Even an engagement ceremony is essential, as well as the first ceremony of the Indian culture before the D-day.

Moreover, every couple has the dream of exchanging a unique ring to each other on a memorable day. There are numerous and beautiful places in India that offer the rare as well as an impressive collection of engagement rings. Here is the list of few places that are perfect for buying the engagement ring.

Tanishq – Best Place To Buy Engagement Ring

 It is one of the prominent as well as trustworthy brands of India. The diamond collection is unique, as well as the latest. It provides a superior quality of rings. Therefore, you can also purchase the engagement ring from the Tanishq store. There are numerous branches of Tanishq stores, and you can prefer that store which is near to you.

Gitanjali Jewels

The widest collection of engagement rings will mesmerize you. They provide stunning, elegant, and attractive designs that are beyond your thinking level. You can also choose your partner engagement erring according to your attire.

P.C. Chandra Jewelers – Best Place To Buy Engagement Ring

It is one of the biggest as well as renowned jewelry stores in Eastern India. It offers the latest as well as a trendy collection of rings at affordable prices—the services of the P.C. Chandra stores are excellent. In addition to it, you can also add this place to your wish list for purchasing the ring.

Kalyan Jewelers

It is the best place for buying the engagement ring. Make your day special with Kalyan jewelers. Various celebrities promote or advertise the jewelry collection of Kalyan. There are numerous stores of the Kalyan jewelers.  If you are not too much aware of the rings, then the staff will help you and explain all the things about rings.

SHRI Jewellers (Nakshatra Diamond)

 It is the best manufacturer as well as a distributor of branded ornaments. If you visit the store of Shri jewelers, then you will get the option of particular brands such as Diya, Sangini, and many more. In addition to it, you can choose the ring of one of the mentioned brands.

SENCO Gold And Diamond

SENCO introduces the traditional as well as evergreen branded jewelry collection. The elegant collection will put you in a dilemma of what to choose. It is a trustworthy brand for branded jewelry.

PNG Jewelers – Best Place To Buy Engagement Ring

The various collections of most beautiful jewelry attract you towards the store. It offers a unique collection of the engagement ring of different styles. You can complete your engagement day with the collection of PNG jewelers.

In the end, the places mentioned above are well recognized and famous. In the world of replicas, they offer you real and genuine jewelry. Some of the stores do not take any making charges from their customers.