7 Tips For Making Perfect Fruit Salad

Perfect Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is the perfect side meal for your summer meal which will also give a refreshing taste to you. It is very easy to make a fruit salad that is healthy, sweet, refreshing and full of flavours. It is the perfect and light snack for those hot summers days.

To make a fruits salad is more than just chopping of the fruits. Here are few tips to make your fruit salad look good, refreshing and presentable.

Perfect Fruit Salad

Use Fruits In Season

Fresh does not mean which you just bought from the super market. It take a long time to fruits to reach you as these are packaged, bruised, stored and shipped before it ever made it to your grocery market. So you can use the fruits which are produced in your country. Use the fruits which are seasonal.

Mix Flavours, Colours And Textures

Try to add the fruits of different colours, flavours, textures, and taste. The colours should be pop out of the plate when you serve it. Add fruits like a firm, tart, green kiwi next to a soft, sweet, blackberry or the flavourful combo of an orange, mango with a red raspberry. This way your fruit salad will look like a rainbow, full of different colours and visually pleasing to the eyes.

Remove Seeds, Pits And Skin

The best thing about fruit salad is that you don’t need to worry about the peeling off the skin or removing seeds from it. When making fruit salad, make sure you have removed the skin, seeds and pits from fruits.

Chop In Consistent Slices

Chopping the fruits in the equal size make them easy to eat and more pleasing to the eyes. Keep the slices of fruits in medium size not too big not too small.

Even Parts Of All Fruits

While serving the fruits salad, make sure you have put fruits evenly in each bowl. It makes the salad more balanced and no one want leftover pieces from the bottom.

Balance Out The Ingredients

To make the balance of fruits take fruits in equal quantity. If you will add a single fruit in more quantity then it will ruin the taste if entire salad. So, don’t let one fruit dominate the taste of others.

Add Herbs

To add some refreshing and tangy flavour, you can add fresh herbs from your kitchen garden and squeeze a lemon to the salad. Don’t limit it to the fruits only. Herbs and lemon will enhance the flavour of salad.

So, if you are thinking about making a fruit salad then now you know the secret of making a great fruit salad. Follow the above tips and make a flavourful, sweet, tasty, and healthy salad. It will refresh your taste buds.