7 Tips For Haldiram Franchise Business

Haldiram Franchise

To opt for the haldiram franchise means you are now in the competition of the food industry. Haldiram has its place in the world of foods and snacks. People show their love on the festivals by giving Haldiram snacks as a gift. Sweets and snacks are the basic roots of Indian culture. Haldiram enhances the taste of sweets and snacks with their quality. In the market, there is no brand that competes with Haldiram.

At present, it becomes a popular choice in India. The popularity of Haldiram is a significant reason that investors want to invest the money in the franchise. Haldiram has numerous manufacturing plants and chains in Noida, Delhi, Nagpur, Gurgaon, and many more. Here are some tips that you should need to know for the haldiram franchise business.

Haldiram Franchise

Training Program

Haldiram is not only a big brand but also a supporter too. If you want to invest money in haldiram, they offer the two-week training program for the owner of the this buisness. You will get the guidance of an expert in the head office. Not only this, but you will also get assistance for the technical equipment.  

Plan Of Investment For Haldiram Franchise

The turnover of this brand is approximately 400 crore rupees. Fortunately, the company is planning to expand this business to the next level. So, it is better to have knowledge about the statistical plans and goals that the company is planning.

Types Of The Franchise

It is a significant factor that you will have to keep in mind what kind of Haldiram franchise you want to opt for. Haldiram offers three types of franchise casual dinner, Kiosk, quick service dinner. It is up to you which suits you.

Requirement Of Space For Haldiram Franchise

Three types of franchises have three different requirements. You should be well aware of this factor. For instance, a casual dinner franchise requires the area between 2000 to 5000 square feet, while Kiosk requires a minimum of 75 to 1000 square feet for set up. Approximately 1000 to 1500 square feet are required for quick service dinner.


The dealership of Haldiram depends upon the type of franchise. While choosing a franchise, consider the cost of investment. You will need to spend 1 to 4 crore rupees for Haldiram casual dining restaurant. For the quick service dinner franchise, investment of 1 to 3 crore is required. The second franchise is less expensive.

Duration Of Agreement For Haldiram Franchise

Haldiram has its rules and regulation.  If you want to take the Haldiram franchise, then you should know about the agreement. The duration of the agreement is nine years, and you have to pay 2.5 percent royalty fee annually.

Location Of The Franchise

You should choose a suitable location where you will get a higher profit margin. You can choose the location in the heart of your city. It will help you to get the franchise.

In the end, it is a difficult process to get the franchise of haldiram. So it is better to stay in contact with the person who works in this organization.