7 Remedies For Manicure At Home

Manicure At Home

A manicure at home is one of the easiest ways to save the money that you will spend on going to the salon. Manicuring is not a difficult task to perform at home. The process consists of shaping and filing the edge of nails.

As your face demands for proper maintenance; likewise, your nails and hands also demand it. In addition to it, a manicure is the best way to keep your nails shiny as well as smooth. There are numerous kits available in the market that is related to a manicure. Here is the list of remedies for the manicure at home that will be beneficial for you.

Manicure At Home

Clean Canvas To Do Manicure At Home

If you apply the nail polish on your nails then in the initial step, clean your nails with the acetone remover. After cleaning the nails, use the file for the shaping purpose. Shape your nails according to your choice and make them smooth. Next, filling the nails and clean the surface of your nails with a buffing block. It helps to remove yellow stains from your nails.

Soak And Scrub

After cleaning the canvas, soak your hands in the water for two to five minutes. The next step is scrubbing. Scrub your hand as well as nails with the skin scrub. If you do not have a scrub at home, then mix the one spoon of sugar with gel. Wash your hands after scrubbing.

Soften Your Cuticles To Do Manicure At Home

It is done by rubbing the oil on the cuticles. By this, your cuticles will be soft as well as shiny. Give the shape to your cuticles with the help of a stick. In addition to it, this stick also removes the dirt from the nails. The next step is to moisturize your nails with the help of moisturizer.


Apply any base coat for the purpose of smoothing the ridges and creating an equal surface for your colour.

Paint Your Nails To Do Manicure At Home

After applying the base coat polish your nails with your favourite nail paint colour. Apply two thin layers of the nail paint. The purpose of apply two layers is for longevity.

Give A Finish With A Topcoat

Your manicure is incomplete without the topcoat because it adds shine to your nails. Carefully apply the coat because if you do not do this, it may ruin your manicure.

Dry Your Nails To Do Manicure At Home

Now you do not need to do anything except relax. Do not do any kind of task if your nail paint is not dry yet. In addition to it, sit for ten minutes and let your nails dry. It is the last step of a manicure at home.

In the end, with the help of these steps, you will be able to do manicure at home without any problem. The steps mentioned above are easy. Therefore give your nails a refreshing look by doing the manicure once or twice in the month. It will hardly take thirty to fifty minutes. Give this time for the maintenance of your nails.