7 Natural Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Everyone suffers from bouts of loose motions now and then. Therefore, loose motions are unpleasant and can make your life difficult. Generally, diarrhea has no reason to worry. It’s the usual response to the disorders in the stomach, and if you have diarrhea, you will have to visit the toilet for a few days. However, the state can deteriorate and become enduring resulting in bacterial or viral infection. Moreover, the symptoms of loose motion are watery stools, inflating, vomiting, and abdominal pains. Thus, it can affect dehydration and weakness. Simple home remedies for loose motion can show beneficial results in overcoming diarrhea and maintaining the body healthy. Here are a few natural home remedies for loose motion.

Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Yogurt – Best Home Remedies For Loose Motion

You can eat a bowl of plain yogurt at least 2 or 3 times every day. Yogurt comprises several good probiotics which play an essential role in keeping the stomach healthy. However, it contains live cultures of bacteria that produce lactic acid. Moreover, these probiotics line the intestines and kill the bacteria. Intake of yogurt also helps in better digestion by creating a healthy environment for microorganisms in the intestines.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar provides relief from stomach pain. Therefore, take a glass of warm water and add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. If needed, add honey to this solution and drink 2 times a day for a couple of days. Thus, apple cider vinegar acts as a natural antibiotic that helps destroy the harmful organisms present in the intestine and calms the irritated intestine lining. Its pectin content helps in bulking up the stool.

Coconut Water – Best Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Drink two glasses of fresh coconut water at least once or twice daily until you get better. Coconut water is infused with electrolytes like potassium and sodium, which can help bring back the electrolyte balance of the body. However, it helps refill the lost fluids in the body and enhances blood circulation.

Cumin Water

Take a cup of water and add one teaspoon of cumin seeds and boil it for few minutes. Now, strain the water and drink when it cools. Drink this liquid 3 to 4 times every day. The antiseptic properties of cumin can contribute to removing the harmful bacteria in the stomach and relaxing the irritated bowels.

Drumstick Leaves – Best Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Drumstick can significantly lessen the uneasiness of an upset tummy. Take a teaspoon of the crushed liquid of drumstick leaves. Mix honey with the juice of drumstick and consume immediately. Drumsticks have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that can help treat an upset stomach. It can help reduce gut issues by eliminating toxins from the body.


Making a cup of peppermint tea and smelling the extract of peppermint or chewing on mint leaves helps in keeping the stomach at bay and gives relief from the feelings of nausea. This is because the menthol in its leaves is a natural pain reliever.

Oat Bran – Best Home Remedies For Loose Motion

By using the unprocessed oat bran, it was found that it reduces the occurrence of diarrhea. Take one bowl of cooked oat bran and consume a bowl of cooked oat bran. Eat this two times daily. This can be added to the daily dietary intake as it helps in keeping the gut clean.

These natural home remedies for loose motion listed in this article are a great help in reducing your discomfort. If your symptoms continue and your condition deteriorates, you must seek immediate medical help.