7 Mind-Blowing Bengali Web Series


As the time and the people are changing the craze of web series is dominating the market of India be it Bengali Web series or any other. And the best part of these web series or any other is that they are shown as various online platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

However, if you talk about these web series, then they are also establishing its place among many people. No doubt they are less in number, but Bengali web series is liked by most of the people. So, if you are one of the fans of Bengali web series and looking forward to watching mind-blowing web series then this post is for you:

Bengali Web Series

Hello – Best Bengali Web Series

This is one of the famous web series in which the three girls get messed up from their life. This means love affair entangled with a mysterious MMS clip. However, because of this MMS, their life turn upside down.


This is the thrilling story of one helpless woman named Paoli Dam, who runs against time to save her son as he met with a severe accident. In this, the main character Paoli Dam is a beautician by profession, mother of a teenage son, and the wife of a drug dealer.

Moreover, to save her son, she needs six lakhs rupees in just 12 hours. So, in this web series, the real spirit of the mother is shown that she does everything that she is not ready to do in her life.

Sufiana 2 – Best Bengali Web Series

This is another Bengali web series that is based on the difficult times of Bengal. Basically, this web series is the story of a woman who is a singer by profession. Besides this, she has a feeling for two men who are rivals of each other.

And you will be surprised to know that one of that man is a Naxalite leader and the other person is Assistant Commissioner of Police. This web series will surely make your day.


Kamini is one of the most exceptional horror-comedy series that has a lot of suspense and mystery. This web series is based on the disappearance of various men from the village. However, the people of that village blame a very mysterious woman for all these things.

Moreover, if you are looking for light-hearted and practical web series, then this is a perfect fit.

Byomkesh – Best Bengali Web Series

Byomkesh is the name of the man who is quite famous in India because of its adaptions in numerous languages. However, it is an ancient web series that is liked by people since then. But if you talk about recent time then now also it has kept the same nostalgia and rawness.

Last Few Words

These are some of the best web series that you must watch if you are a fan of Bengali cinema. I have made this list with the best of my ability, and I hope you like this post.