7 Latest And Amazing Salman Khan Movies

Salman Khan Movies

Salman Khan is an Indian Cinema actor who began his career in the multi-star film – ‘Biwi ho to Aisi’ in 1988. However, the film ‘Mainey Pyar Kiya’ took him to heights.  Salmaan Khan has also launched many Bollywood actresses such as Zareen Khan, Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha to name a few. Here is the list of 7 Latest and Most Amazing Salman Khan Movies.  Moreover, he is a founder of Mumbai Based charity named ‘Being Human’.

Salman Khan Movies

Bharat (Released On 5 June 2019)

This is one of the latest Salmaan Khan Movies. This movie is a story about a family that gets torn apart during the India Pakistan Partition. Salmaan Khan plays the role of ‘Bharat’ and strives his best to keep the promise he made to his father. On the opening day of the movie ‘Bharat’, Salmaan Khan received the highest collection of 42.30 Crore in a single day.

Dabangg 3 (Released On 20 Dec 2019)

Salmaan Khan plays the role of ‘Cholula Pandey’ a fearless police inspector in this movie. The film serves as next in the series to the amazing films ‘Dabang’ which was released in 2010 and ‘Dabang 2’ released in 2012. This movie is about the origin of the role play and circumstances that led him to go to UP.

Race 3 – Salman Khan Movies (Released On 15 June 2018)

Race 3 is a third instalment of the hit franchise – Race 1 and 2. The film features Salmaan Khan, Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Bobby Deol as the main characters. This movie showcases the group planning and executing a big money Heist.

Sultan (Released On 6 July 2016)

Sultan – meaning ‘King’ is a Hindi sports drama film. Salmaan plays the role of ‘Sultan’ – a 40-year-old wrestler who experienced ups and downs in his life. After the death of his son, he quits wrestling but because of the prize money, he sets out to revive his career and achieve the respect which he had lost in the past.

Kick – Salman Khan Movies (Released On 25 July 2014)

Not very latest but this is one of the top hit. Salmaan Khan plays the role of ‘Devi Lal Singh’ who is a 40-year-old man who seeks out adventure and challenges instead of a boring job. He prefers to do amazing things such as making a smoke bomb and a hologram device. He starts his venture and turns into an eye mask-wearing thief who robs from the rich, quite identical to a Robin Hood story.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Released On 17 Jul 2015)

Salmaan Khan plays the role of a man named ‘Pawan’ – a devotee of Hanuman. This movie is engineered towards maximum emotional impact. When ‘Pawan’ finds the speech impaired girl, he realizes that she is from Pakistan and he does everything to make her reunite with her family at a cost of his life.

Wanted – Salman Khan Movies (Released On 18 Sep 2009)

Wanted’ is a violent action film that is stylish and shot excellently. Salmaan plays the role of a hardcore gangster named ‘Radhe’ who kills others for money. Hired by ‘Gani Bhai’, the mafia, sharpshooter ‘Radhe’ eliminates his enemies but makes more enemies in the process.