7 Interesting Facts About Andaman Nicobar Island

Andaman Nicobar Island

Andaman Nicobar Island is the ideal place for water lovers and nature lovers too. It gives you the mesmerizing as well as prestigious moments with your loved ones. You can choose Andaman Nicobar Island for your vacation or honeymoon. Spend the quality of time here with your loved ones.

As every place has its history or fact for which it is famous, likewise this island also has numerous facts. Every person must know about these interesting facts. In addition to that, the facts will increase your interest in the island. Here is the list of interesting facts about the Andaman Nicobar Island.

Andaman Nicobar Island

Commercial Fishing Banned In Andaman Nicobar Island

You will surprise after reading this. From the last four decades, commercial fishing is banned here. The reason is the presence of coral reefs. In these waters, fishes of the old age have died. It surrounded with the dolphins, dugongs, sailfish, sea turtles and many more

Katchal Island

This Island is located near to the Nicobar. It gained popularity when the Royal Greenwich Laboratory announced that it receives the first sunrise. In addition to that, it is the first inhabited place that receives the rays of the first sunrise of the millennium.

Spoken Languages In Andaman Nicobar Island

Mostly, people think that Andamanese or Nicobarese is the widely spoken language. However, it is not true. Most of the masses speak Bengali there. In addition to it, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu are also languages of the Andaman Nicobar Island.

Rare Sea Cow

The sea cow is known as Dugong, and it is the state animal of this island. Sea cows are the large marines that are vegetarians. If you visit this island, then you have a golden opportunity to see the dugongs. It is founded at little Andaman. Therefore, see the rare sea cow and explore this place as soon as it is possible for you.

Barren Island In Andaman Nicobar Island

The barren island is prominent for the active volcano. It is an only active volcano not only in the country but also in South Asia. Apart from it, Barren Island is situated nearly 135 km in the northeast Port Blair.


It is a rare fruit that is found in Nicobar. In addition to it, Pandanus is also known as Nicobar Breadfruit and staple food too. For the construction, the stem branches off this fruit are used while leaves are used in mats for weaving.

Name Derived From Malay Of Andaman Nicobar Island

The name Andaman and Nicobar are derived from the deity of Hindu Hanuman, who is known to Malay. On the other hand, the name of Nicobar is derived from Nakkavaram that is the south Indian word. The meaning of this word is the Land of the Naked.

This island is blessed with a different culture, beaches, and lagoons. It is the best place to visit. In addition to that, it is a multicultural island. The above-mentioned interesting facts will enhance your interest in this island.