7 Health Benefits Of Pranayama Asana

Benefits Of Pranayama

The benefits of Pranayama show physically and mentally as well. It is a central part of Yoga, which helps in controlling our breath. In pranayama with asanas and dhyana (meditation), you can achieve peace of mind. In pranayama, we inhale and exhale air by being in a posture to increase the capacity of the lung.

From ancient times pranayama is one of an excellent way to be physically fit with the piece. In this, they try to control their posture with their breath. The main aim of all the asana is the connection of the body with the mind.

Benefits Of Pranayama


Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that means control of breath. In this, we try different asanas to reduce the toxicity of the body. With three-step, you can practice this pranayama. One is to take air inside, stay for some time, and exhale the area.

If you’ll see the meaning of pranayama in Bhagwat Geeta, “trance induced by stopping all breath.” In the book of Patanjali, it means, it helps in concentration. But apart from all these, there are so many health benefits of pranayama.

Reduces Mental Illness – Benefits Of Pranayama

The benefits of pranayama are, it calms our nerves, which clears our brains and thoughts. Oxygen helps in the improvement of mind and nerve capacity. It also reduces anxiety.

Increase Lung Capacity

The study says that doing 30 min of pranayama daily can improve your lung capacity of storing oxygen. It also helps in the treatment of asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. It also strengthens the respiratory organ.

Helps In Leaving Cigarette – Benefits Of Pranayama

It is seen that a short breathing practice can reduce the urge to smoke. Who smokes regularly feels the anxiety when they try to quit, and this can be reduced by doing pranayama regularly.

Quality Of Performance Increases

Doing pranayama, slow or fast, can improve your lung’s capacity and brain function. It is seen on those people who believe in yoga that their mind and lungs work nicely. Fast breathing also improves your motor quality and memorizing power. It also helps in decision taking the time.

Give Peace To Your Mind – Benefits Of Pranayama

Our brain needs a good amount of oxygen to work correctly. To work properly, we need to focus, and this focus starts with us. Start focusing on your breath, which can make you calm. It strengthens our mind, physic, and emotion.

Controls Your Blood Pressure

Stress is something that increases the risk of getting hypertension, which can affect your heart. But focusing on your breath and taking it deeply can decrease the chance of getting a stroke and increase your oxygen-carrying capacity. Pranayama works as exercise, which can reduce BP and reduces aging.

Improves Sleep Quality

As we studied above that pranayama reduces stress. Relieve from stress can give you a relaxed sleep. Yoga is a type of exercise that can also make your body relax and increase the capacity to work. When you work, your body will get tired, and you will get a sound full sleep.

The benefits of pranayama are not limited. Pranayama gives you a peaceful brain, and a serene master gives a fertile mind with an increase in metabolism.