7 Gentle Exercise For Stomach Infection

Stomach Infection

Bacterial gastroenteritis is the second name of a stomach infection. It happens when the bacterial infection affects your gut. Now the question arises in the person mind is, what are the symptoms of stomach infection? There are numerous symptoms of this problem, such as cramps, vomiting, fever, and inflammation in the stomach.

Irregular eating habits cause stomach infection. In addition to it, this is a common problem nowadays. It is not necessary to always eat medicines when you are ill. Medicine shows the instant results, but one cannot deny the truth that it has adverse effects too. Sometimes exercises work in the problem of stomach. Here is the list of few exercises that will be helpful for you.

Stomach Infection

Extended Triangle Pose For Stomach Infection

It is one of the easiest poses to stretch your exercise in an extended triangle. You need to stand straight and extend your legs. After that, reach your left arm backwards with palms and right arm in an upward direction. Do it for ten to fifteen seconds.

Sphinx Pose

For this, a mat is required. Lay face down and bent your elbows on the mat. Stretch your face as well as the chest in the upward direction when you reach your comfortable height. Take a few seconds. Do it five to seven times. It will stretch your torso.

Downward Facing Dog For Stomach Infection

It compresses the liver, spleen, and kidneys. It will help to cure the problem of a stomach infection. In this pose, pull your belly button towards or in the direction of your spine. For this pose, your hands should be under the shoulders. In this position, use the core to press your hips back and up.

Puppy Pose

You can do this pose after the extended triangle poses to relax. If you do Puppy Pose, it stretches your front body and long stretches to the stomach. It is effective in the case of cramps. Start this pose with hands and knees, aligned with your shoulders and hands. Keep your hips over the joints and move your hand in the forward direction. Due to this, your hands and face in the rest position.

Cat-Cow For Stomach Infection

Seat comfortably by crossing one leg in front of the second leg. Keep your hands back to the face. Now bend your elbows. After that pull the elbows opposite to your knees in the upward direction. Inhale and exhale while bending your elbows and pulling.

Ujjayi Pranayama

Ujjayi Pranayama is the easiest practice to do for stomach infection. For this pose, sit comfortably, by crossing your legs. Place your hands on the joints and closed lips. Then start the slow process of exhaling and inhale of breathing.

Apanasana For Stomach Infection

Lay down to your back. Move your knees towards your chest and wrap the arms around the knees. Rest your head and shoulders and do deep or long breathing.

In the end, these above are the easy poses to aid the problem of a stomach infection. Start your day with these poses.