7 Fun Things To Do In Delhi With Family

Things To Do In Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, offers impressive and many fantastic things to do in Delhi with family and friends. The reason for this is this place has a unique distinction as one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from that, this metropolitan city also has many coolest things to deliver like, exceptional cafes, clubs, parks, shopping malls.

So, if you are thinking of exploring this place with family or friends, then this post will make your vacation great. Here you will come to know various things to do in Delhi. Let’s start: –

Things To Do In Delhi

Nehru Planetarium

This is a very famous spot among family and kids as it delivers the charm of the astronomical fan. This means you can spend your afternoon in a very fantastic way of watching the galaxy. The best part is, along with learning many things concerning upper heavenly bodies, you can also enjoy the best food over there.

National Bal Bhavan

It is the autonomous institute that comes under the Ministry of Human Resource Development established in 1956. Here your kids can do many interactive and creative activities that will make up their minds. Moreover, for young minds, this institute acts as an informative museum.

Garden Of Five Senses, Delhi

If you and your kids love elephants, then the garden of five senses very close to Mehrauli is a trendy picnic spot that your kids love. Apart from that, here you will feel very relaxed and calm as this place is surrounded by magnificent nature.

Delhi Zoo

This is another best and fun place to visit with your family and kids. The best part is this zoo is among the country’s best zoo that has a wide variety of animals that children love to watch.

Moreover, at this zoo, the children have a chance to see the live animals in front of them and also learn about the different habitat of animals.

The All-American Diner , Delhi

If you want to make your kids watch an exceptional place like America in Delhi, then you must visit this place. Here you will experience the breakfast in American style at India Habitat Centre.

However, in this way you can make your kids of different cultures and help them understand various things.

National Science Centre

Another thing to do in Delhi with kids and family is to visit the National Science Centre. This place is loaded with an eight-level explanation of how scientific principles work. However, this will make your kid’s mind run in various directions and, therefore, inspiring than to do something exceptional in life.

Go For Boating At Old Fort, Delhi

If you and kids love boating, then you can visit Old Fort or Purana Qila and have fun. However, this is the perfect place to unwind on all days and also by exploring great Indian art.

Final Words

So, these are some of the things to do in Delhi with family and kids, which will make your whole trip memorable and fantastic.