7 Famous And Best Places To Visit In Coorg

Places To Visit In Coorg

Coorg is a beautiful destination with many mesmerizing mountains in Karnataka of Southern India. There are many fantastic places to visit in Coorg, which attracts not only tourist all over the country but all around the world. Besides, it is known as Scotland of India.

However, it’s a destination for every type of tourist like adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and even for new couples to make their honeymoon memorable. If you are also planning to view this immense beauty of nature then, take a look at the best places to visit in Coorg through this article:-

Places To Visit In Coorg

Barapole River

The best spot for river rafters and nature lovers. It is also famous as also “Kithu Kakathu River.” Moreover, this river is surrounded by pretty natural views, and the clean, freshwater flow gives a soothing look to the eyes. If you really want to do river rafting, you should explore this site.

Iruppu Falls – Places To Visit In Coorg

It is a tremendous fall with crystal clear water because of its height of 51 m. Furthermore, the Iruppu falls, also known as the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. So, when you visit here, then don’t forget to capture the beauty in your camera and take a refreshing bath in this fantastic fall.

Tadiandamol Peak

The most famous second highest mountain peak with a height of 1748 m. Moreover, this site more famous among trekkers because of its challenging trekking routes. Besides, the top view is breathtaking.  It is the paradise for nature lovers as its green hills and misty, cloudy weather.

Omkareshwar Temple – Places To Visit In Coorg

It is a beautiful old temple of Lord Shiva, which was built by Linga Rajendra II in 1820. This temple has a unique structure and a mixture of the architecture of Islamic and Gothic styles.

Nagarhole National Park

This national park is spread under the area of 572 square km, which is a beautiful retreat for wildlife lovers. Here, they have a chance to see most of the south Indian species of birds that make you dance on their melodious tunes.

Coffee Plantations – Places To Visit In Coorg

Coorg is famous for its coffee production. Coorg also has lots of rosewood, teak, and sandalwood forests. If you want to see the coffee plantations, you can stay homestays or resorts to take the best experience.

Madikeri Fort

Mudduraja built this fort in the 17th century. It is another famous spot where you have to visit. You can see the tow elephants made of mortar at the entrance of the fort. Besides, there is a beautiful Anglican Church built by the British inside the fort. Furthermore, some other buildings also in the fortress-like the Kote Maha Ganapathi temple, Mahatma Gandhi Public Library, and district prison.

Bottom Lines – Places To Visit In Coorg

So, these are some of the best places to visit in Coorg, southern Karnataka, which you can explore with your family and friends. And experience the beauty of nature in the Scotland of India.