7 Crazy or Risky Business Ideas In India


In this competitive era, if you want to earn name and fame, then you will have to shift your thinking from ordinary business too risky business. In India, the Indian business industry is bounded with few businesses. These businesses contribute to the Indian economy.

Most of the families want their kids to join their businesses rather than starting a unique business in the future. This is the main reason that India is lacking.

However, now it is high time to explore or establish a unique or crazy business that raises the Indian economy. Here is the list of a few risky business ideas that will be fruitful for you.

Risky Business

Jewelry Export – Risky Business Ideas

Indian jewelry is not only popular in India but also in foreign countries. The demand for Indian jewelry is surging day by day. You can start this business if you have a well-experienced jewelry designer. In addition to it, for this business, your designer should have the skill to design the unique ornaments. Although it is a risky business, it is still profitable.

Drone Videographer

It is the undeniable truth that technology has developed to the next level. Now the trend of drones is increasing. Most videos are shot with the help of drones. Henceforth, the value of the drone videographer is to the next level. If you choose this business, then you will have a chance to explore new places or sites. It is not risky but a crazy business. You can make your team of drone videographers.

Handicraft Items Export – Risky Business Ideas

Handicraft items won the heart of many people outside the country. Handicraft items are those that are made by the hands. It is a decorative piece. This business is only demanding for unique pieces. In addition to it, you can export these items out of the country. It is counted in a risky business.

Online Influencer

What is better than this business. You have a golden opportunity to become an internet sensation. You can easily express your views, whether it is crazy views or not in front of people. This business requires a lot of confidence.

Rent Bikes – Risky Business Ideas

It is also an interesting as well as high-risk business in India. You can purchase the bikes and rent these bikes to the masses on an hourly basis and take the money from them.  In India, every third person is suffering from the traffic problem. Therefore, it is the best business idea.

Event Promoter Or Planner

India is a diverse country. Mostly people like to organize events to show their happiness. It is not an easy task to organize the whole event. You can make your team that includes a designer, decorator, chef, and many more. Event promoter or planner business is also a risky business.

Freelance Platform – Risky Business Ideas

If you have an ability of excellent writing skills, then you can choose the freelance platform to showcase your talent. It is a risky business to start because you will have to deal with numerous writers. There is also the chance of rejection.

In the end, turn your dream of starting the business into reality. The business mentioned above ideas are unique as well as require low investments as compared to other companies.