7 Common Panic Attack Symptoms In Adults

Panic Attack Symptoms

A panic attack (panic attacks symptoms) is a sudden episode of extreme fear, which causes severe physiological responses when no actual threat or apparent cause is present. Panic attacks can be horrifying. When there are panic attacks, you may think you’re losing control, having a heart attack or even dying.

Many individuals in their lifespan have just one or two panic attacks, and the issue goes away. But if you’ve had recurrent, unexpected panic attacks and you’ve got to spend long periods in constant fear of another attack, you might have a condition called panic disorder.

Each individual has different symptoms, and we are going to mention some of the common panic attack symptom and signs in adults:

Panic Attack Symptoms

Overwhelming Panic – Panic Attack Symptoms

Panic attack symptoms is feeling so overwhelmed. You may feel the need to drink water, sit down, and do rest.

Feeling Of Losing Control Or Going Crazy

Everything feels blurry, and you may feel everything is unreal, and you are losing control and going crazy. It is one of the common symptoms of a panic attack.

Heart Palpitations or Chest Pain – Panic Attack Symptoms

You will notice racing heartbeats and chest pain. It is one of the panic attack symptom.

Feeling Like You’re Going To Pass Out

This panic attack symptom makes you feel nauseous, and you may feel you are going to faint at that very moment.

Trouble Breathing or Choking Sensation

Some people also experience breathing problems. It gets difficult to breathe while a panic attack occurs. It is a typical panic attack system faced by many individuals.

Hot Flashes or Chills

The body feels too cold or too hot while having a panic attack.

Trembling or Shaking

Panic attacks cause tremors in the body; people experience trembling hands and feet.

Feeling Detached Or Unreal – Panic Attack Symptoms

It is a prominent panic attack symptom. While you are undergoing a panic attack, it may feel like everything is unreal, and you are disconnected from the surroundings. This is known as Depersonalization.

Panic attacks usually last 10-15 minutes, although many of the panic attack symptoms may persist for a more extended period. People who have had one panic attack have the chance of having it again. Individuals with panic disorder can be highly nervous and afraid because they cannot foresee when the next event occurs.

Panic disorder is relatively widespread in the nation and impacts a large number of people.  Women are twice as likely to experience the disease as males, and their signs typically occur in early adulthood. Each individual has different panic attack symptoms. No exact cause is known behind the panic attacks.

Do not worry; Panic disorder is a treatable disease. Psychotherapy and medication are together used for the successful treatment of the panic disorder. Certain medicines like anti-anxiety medications or anti-depressants get prescribed to people depending on their signs and symptoms.

If you are someone who thinks you might be having the issue of panic attacks and are facing panic attack symptom mentioned above in this article, then you should seek a doctor, tell him everything about your situation and let your anxiety treated properly.