7 Common Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung Cancer Symptoms

As every problem brings some indications; likewise, lung cancer also has indications that are known as lung cancer symptoms. It is rudimentary for masses to know about the symptoms of lung cancer. So that one can take the suggestions from the doctor and will be able to control this problem at an early stage.

Early-stage lung cancer has numerous options for treatment. If you have any of the below symptoms for a long time, then it is worthy to consult your doctor. Here is the list of lung cancer symptom that you should keep in your mind.

Shortness Of Breath – Lung Cancer Symptoms

It is one of the major lung cancer symptoms. The reason behind it is lung cancer tumour blocks the airway. In addition to it, may times the fluid present in lung cause the difficulty in the breathing or shortness of breath. If you have this problem for a long time, then you must consult your doctor.


Have you feels changes in the voice? Does your voice sound weird or high pitched? Then it is high time to consult the specialist. Take an appointment with the doctor. Lung cancer targets the vocal cord. Apart from lung cancer, there are several reasons behind it like laryngitis.

Persistent Cough – Lung Cancer Symptoms

If the cough is worsening day by day into a chronic cough, it is one of the lung cancer symptoms. In addition to it, you find the blood in your cough or coughing up rusting colour spit, then go to the doctor immediately.


If the diseases like pneumonia, Chronic Bronchitis or Emphysema does not cure quickly or have for a long time, then it is also the common symptom of lung cancer. The symptoms like cough, fever, chest discomfort lead to this problem.

Chest Pain – Lung Cancer Symptoms

Blockage in the lungs like tumours, fluid and much more cause chest pain. Chest pain is not a common problem. If you feel the pain is worsening day by day while coughing, breathing and laughing then take it seriously and consult to your doctor.

Weight Loss

If you are suffering from the unexpected weight loss, then it first indicates lung cancer. The reason behind it, cells of cancer diverting energy from food. Take it towards own cell growth from normal metabolic process. In addition to it, consult to your doctor is the worthy option to prevent this problem in future.

Pain In Bones – Lung Cancer Symptoms

The normal muscle pain is a common problem. However, if the pain is increasing with the single movement like lying on the bed, day by day, then take the prescription from your doctor.  Apart from it, lung cancer caused with the help of metastasis into bones like upper bones of legs and arms, pelvis, and spine.

In the end, at this present time, a healthy person has numerous health issues. Therefore, do not take lightly or ignore all the symptoms if you have. If you ignore these symptoms or any symptoms, then in future it leads to the worse problem.