7 Branded Footwear For Men In India

Footwear For Men

Today, we are here to introduce you to the 7 branded footwear brands for men that are available in India. In contemporary time, we can see that wearing shoes in any season, is now become the latest trend. If you want, formal, casual, and stylish looks then shoes are the best option to complete your look.

After wearing a pair of shoes, one feels comfortable and more confident whether it is men or women. In India, there are many footwear brands so let us start the discussion about the well-known footwear brands which are available in India.

Bata – Footwear For Men

Bata is also an affordable footwear company as it provides the most comfortable shoes that are light in weight. In fact, it offers very comfortable sports shoes, slippers, and sandals for men and women. But they have a very limited collection of footwear. You can buy Bata products online and offline as it is available also in India.

Lee Cooper

In fact, this is a foreign brand but it also available in India, and this company also manufactures the many different types of clothes. Lee cooper offers a wide range of men’s formal shoes and you can buy the shoes offline and online centers. This brand’s products are very affordable.

Sparx – Footwear For Men

Sparx Company is an Indian footwear manufacturing company, which has been manufacturing the footwear for many years. The well-known actor Akshay Kumar, who is also known as a real player is the brand ambassador of this company. This company offers walking shoes, sneakers, and other types of shoes.


It is originated in the year 1977 and Asics is a Japanese company. Asics is an extremely popular brand over the entire world, and it is known for its premium quality of products and the most expensive one. If you want sports pieces of equipment then you can buy via offline and online stores. The features of the footwear offered by them are that the shoes are lightweight and comfortable.

Lancer – Footwear For Men

This is one of the most reliable footwear brands and is also an Indian footwear manufacturing company. This company is founded by Subhash Chander Gupta in the year 1989. So only because of his hard work, this footwear brand is extremely popular in India. The characteristics of this company are of high durability, affordable, worth for money.


If you are looking for fantastic footwear with casual styling, comfort, breathable, and also moisture management system then the puma company is the right choice to buy footwear for men. But the major demerit of this company is that they have a limited choice for formal shoes. Well, in this modern world, most people use to wear puma shoes along with the t-shirt of the same brand.

Nike – Footwear For Men

Nike is one of the global footwear brands, and this brand also manufactures many other products such as t-shirts, jackets, and so on. Today, this brand is a multi-international brand that gives, running shoes, basketball, football, tennis, golf, and others.