7 Biotin Rich Foods For Healthy Hairs

Biotin Rich Foods

If you are suffering from the problem of hair fall, then you can choose the biotin rich foods to resolve this problem. Initially, it is necessary to understand the term biotin. It is a water-soluble vitamin and counted in the family of vitamin B.

It is known as vitamin B7 as well as Vitamin H. Hair loss is the indication of deficiency of biotin. Moreover, the main source to get biotin is food. Numerous biotin rich foods will make your hair healthy as well as shiny. Here is the list of a few biotin rich foods.

Biotin Rich Foods


You should add the green vegetables such as cauliflower in your diet. Cauliflower contains 17 mg biotin. Moreover, if you eat this vegetable, then it will definitely make your hair strong, healthy as well as shiny.


Almonds are a great source of biotin or vitamin B7. Eating two to four almonds twice in a day leads to recovery of the deficiency of biotin. In addition to it, there are numerous almond shampoos as well as oils available in the market. You can also select one of them.

Eggs – Biotin Rich Foods

Eggs are one of the biotin rich foods. Always eat the cooked egg yolk. Some people also apply egg yolk on the hairs. For the purpose of smooth hair, eat the boiled egg.


It is also a rich source of biotin. Add the mushrooms in your healthy diet. Moreover, there are various recipes related to mushrooms. You can try these. Even, you can fry the mushroom and eat it with spinach salt. What is better than the plate consists of all the biotin-rich foods.

Cheeses – Biotin Rich Foods

It is the tastiest as well as a healthy milk product. Fortunately, it contains vitamin B7. Either you can eat the raw or fried cheese, and it depends upon you. It is beneficial for your hair growth.


Green vegetables, especially leafy vegetables like spinach, are rich as well as a great source of biotin. Spinach contains 7 mg biotin. You can make the numerous cuisines of spinach. It is healthier as well as tasty. Therefore, add the spinach in your healthy diet.

Sweet Potato – Biotin Rich Foods

Sweet potato has the highest amount of biotin. There are numerous ways to cook. The most common style to cook the sweet potato is boiling it after the mashing. Sprinkle the salt and eat this. The second way is roasting in the oven. It is up to you which one you choose.

In the end, to have the thick as well as shiny hairs is the dream of every third person. Unfortunately, they are not able to maintain the shine of hair. Apart from it, there are numerous brands that use biotin in the hair care product. You can choose one of them. Somehow these hair care products have some negative impact on the hairs. Hence, you can also use natural remedies because it has a positive effect on the hairs.