7 Best Zero Investment Business Ideas In India


Starting your own business seems like climbing a mountain, especially when you think of zero investment business. The reason is you must choose everything keeping your interest in mind. Apart from that, there are millions of obstacles that may prevent you away from starting a business.

And in this regard, one of the essential things that keep the morale of the person down is enough capital. But have you thought that in today’s fast developed society or world many zero investment businesses can run smoothly and offer handsome income? So, through this post, I will talk about zero investment business:

Zero Investment Business

Freelancing Writing Is Zero Investment Business

If you want to be an online entrepreneur and have a passion for writing, then freelancing is one of the best zero investment business. However, if you are a talented writer then in this you can build your own business by offering writing services.

It can be articles, blog posts, books, etc. Apart from that, many clients need writers so that you can be part of this venture.

Home Tuition or Coaching

Nowadays, schools and colleges have become more demanding than before as they want to make their children all-rounder in all types of activities and subjects. So, if are expertise in one subject or the other then you can give coaching to the students.

In the starting, you can make any of your homerooms as the tuition centre and earn handsome income.

Launch An Online Course Is Zero Investment Business

This is another zero-investment business in which you must build and sell your online courses. Although this online business is quite challenging, when people start reaching your video tutorials, then you will get handsome earning within no time.

Home Chefs or Personal Chefs

People who have a passion for becoming entrepreneurs and good at cooking then they can turn this skill into business by turning into home chefs. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, there is an end number of websites that fully supports and makes these chefs famous in the form of offering delivery services.

Apart from that, after this thing, many people look out for these chefs for various catering services.

Amazon Associates Is Zero Investment Business

This business is like affiliate marketing. Over the years, Amazon has become a very profitable company that runs commission program where the common man can earn passive income.

Here in this, you have to fill the form on Amazon site and after reviewing various products according to trends recommend to everyone within your circle or on your website.

A Travel Agent or Tour Guide

Travelling is the most preferred hobby for most of the people in India. Irrespective of economic background every other person do some savings to travel at least once a year to various destinations. So, as the travel agent, you can make the travel arrangements for people and earn a handsome commission.

Last Few Lines

So, these above are the best zero investment business that will make you earn passive income.