7 Best Video Player For PC Windows

Best Video Player For PC

Are you looking for the best video player for your PC windows then today we will offer you the best video player. Well, cinemas are also the top pick for the majority, but here is most of the time when watching a movie in the cinema is not as accessible. And there are most of the times when you just want to sit back on your couch and enjoy the movie on the desktop of your laptop.

We can say that this choice is the most reasonable and enjoyable with the comfort and on the internet, you can find countless video players, which makes it impossible to go with the best and the perfect one. These video players have been around for some time, and assist people thoroughly enjoy the movie so there are some of the media players that are completely free while others come with the price. Now let’s discuss the best video player for PC windows so that you can enjoy the movies and the videos with comfortable.

Best Video Player For PC

VLC Media Player

This media player is included in eth fantastic media player and the reason behind this is rather simple. And there are some of the features that make it an amazing video player for your PC window such as it is a fully open-source and this player supports multiple formats.

5K Player

Well, we have technologically reached a point where it is not very easy to find something, which is innovative or stands outs from the crowd. But the good thing is that it comes with the 5K Player as the software does come with the great features that will keep you around for some time.

Pot Player Is The Best Video Player For PC

The notable features of the Potplayer that it supports all OS versions, it does not need the powerful; hardware, you can use the hardware acceleration for a better experience, this video player with a stew of 3D-centric features and the most important it supports a wide range of the codecs.

Real Player

Real player is the oldest video player in the market and that will hold up and it has seemed around since the time Windows XP was still the latest updates. The features of this media player are, it allows you to keep bookmarks, it permits you to store videos and the movies to share them through the cloud service.

Plex Is The Best Video Player For PC

Plex is the latest video player ion the market and this is versatile to its core. This is available in the free version and it also offers the premium plan those who want to buy the plan. The main feature of this is parental control to keep sensitive media under security.

GOM Media Player

This serves as an excellent alternative for everyone who does not want to use the windows media player. This software has a nice list of features, to permit the users to customize their movie-watching experience.

UMP Layer Is The Best Video Player For PC

This is a video player for windows that comes with recommendations by a lot of the people for the fact that it is lightweight. This video player is open source and supports the multiple codecs with the wide supports of the format.