7 Best Veg Recipes Of India – Vegetarian Dishes

Veg Recipes Of India

India is the blend of various cultures, dishes, traditions that are found in every other state or city. If you talk about veg recipes of India, then the number is endless, which will make your taste buds delectable. Because of this reason, India has given birth to many famous chefs.

So, if you are unknown about the various veg recipes of India, read this post from the start till the end. Through this, we have assembled some of the famous veg recipes of India, which are very easy to make and taste delicious. So, let’s explore those veg recipes of India: –

Veg Recipes Of India

Paneer Bhurji

This is one of the famous recipes of India made with mild seasoning and crushed paneer. You will love to have this recipe with phulkas. Moreover, it very healthy and delicious recipe with a mixture of many exotic spices.

Garlic Naan – Best Veg Recipes Of India

India loves to eat naan with various other dishes like palak paneer, mater paneer, etc. It is the leavened flatbread made in a tandoor, also called clay oven. If you talk about its popularity, it is the most ordered flatbread in Indian restaurants.

Kadai Paneer

Kadai paneer is basically made with Indian cottage cheese or known as paneer cooked with thick gravy of onion tomato gravy with Kadai masala. This is one of the popular dishes which most of the Indian like. However, it gets its name called Kadai because it is cooked in a very special Indian wok called Kadai, one of the everyday essentials of an Indian kitchen.

Lauki ki Yakhni – Best Veg Recipes Of India

Lauki is called bottle gourd in English is a famous green vegetable that also delivers countless health benefits. This means it helps in reducing weight, helps in digestion, and you will be surprised to know that this list never ends with benefits.

This famous recipe only needs boiled lauki and soft curd. And by adding some essential spices, you can make it even more delectable.

Palak Paneer

In this Indian cottage cheese is used to make the smooth paste of palak more delectable with added spices. Moreover, it is one of the famous North Indian dishes that is majorly eaten with chapati’s, paratha, naan, jeera rice, etc. If you talk about its preparation, it is straightforward to cook.

Veg Manchurian – Best Veg Recipes Of India

Almost every India loves veg Manchurian and no doubt they order this dish in restaurants and hotels. Chinese vegetable Manchurian infamous as Indo-Chinese cuisine.

Mix-Veg Recipe

This is a simple, homely, and delectable recipe cooked in almost every Indian home in Punjabi style. The best part of this mix veg is you can use your spare vegetables to make this dish added with essential spices within no time.

Final Thought For Veg Recipes Of India

As you all know that India is also famous for many delicious cuisines which are also liked by people living abroad. So, these above recipes are some of the famous Indian dishes also liked by people living here and abroad.