7 Best Things To Do In Pattaya For Couples


Are you seeking for something to do in Pattaya with your sweetheart? Here is the solution to all your problems related to various activities. It is an undeniable fact that exploring some exotic places as well as trying different activities with your love one makes your bond strong. Pattaya is a perfect place for couples.

If offers the numerous activities for the love birds. Pattaya will give you mesmerizing as well as an unforgettable experience. If you are making a plan to visit Pattaya, then you should deeply explore this place. Here is the list of things to do in Pattaya with your partner.

Visit Jomtien Beach In Pattaya

Spend some time with your loved one by walking hand in hand around the beach. Jomtien Beach is the blend of cool white sand, views of the city, and water. It is the perfect place for couples to cherish the beautiful moments. You can enjoy sunbathing, walking as well as Thai food.

Floating Market

Your trip of Pattaya, Thailand is incomplete without the tour of the floating market. It will give you the jaw-dropping experience when you see how vendors are selling their stuff in boats. You can purchase numerous things like handicraft to make your honeymoon memories fresh.

Tour To Coral Island In In Pattaya

Try the long ferry ride to this marvelous island with your partner. You and your partner will fall in love with crystal clear water, thrilling water sports activities, and sun kissed the sand. You can do numerous activities such as swimming, surfing, jet skiing and many more.

Walking Street Of South Pattaya

It is one of the exciting things to do in Pattaya with your loved one. This place is known for loud, dazzling lights, peppy music, young crowd, and loud. Enjoy some special moments at this place.

Mini Swam In In Pattaya

Have you ever thought about world tour within Pattaya, Thailand? Then convert your thinking into reality in Pattaya. This place is also known as a mini city. It consists of miniature replicas of numerous tourists’ attractions across the world like Eiffel tower, opera house and many more. You can click some pictures with your partner.

Experience The Underwater World

It is one of the best places for couples. Spend some time with your sweetheart by walking through the tunnel and explore the underwater world. In addition to it, both of you can also feed marine animals.

Visit Nong Nooch Village

Enjoy greenery, fresh air and give a soothing experience to your loved one by visiting this village. The beautiful orchid gardens make your romantic trips rejuvenating. Walk hand in hand; you’re your partner in this orchid garden. In addition to it, the couple can also enjoy the cultural dance performance, elephant performance and many more.

In the end, your trip of Pattaya is incomplete if you do not do these things. Make your trip more romantic by doing water sports activities, walking hand in hand and many more.