7 Best Things To Do In Amsterdam With Friends

Things To Do In Amsterdam

It’s no surprise that Amsterdam is a city full of leisure and entertainment events that’s why there are number of things to do in Amsterdam. Besides the bustling coffee shops, there’s plenty more to do with your mates in Amsterdam. Including the buddy cruises in Amsterdam, enjoying glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, or taking Europe’s fastest swing; there are plenty of fun social events to get lost in on your short holiday.

If you’re trying to enjoy a lads weekend in Amsterdam, are now on a hen do or are just exploring the Netherlands capital on your trips, we have listed several things to do in Amsterdam:

Things To Do In Amsterdam

Take A Ride On Europe’s Highest Swing

Taking a ride on Europe’s Highest Swing is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam. Plan your trip out with a best friend; get yourself strapped in and swing away, soaring across the city. If you really can bear opening your eyes, then the views are also quite spectacular. From a different angle, you will see Amsterdam, soaking up the atmosphere of the area in a unique way.

Cruise With Pure Boats

If you want to have a canal cruise when you’re in-country, you’re going to want to bring your friends together and get in contact with Pure Boats. This is not a regular visitor boat. You will be greeted by a friendly and professional captain onboard a luxury vessel so you can cruise the Dutch streets in ease. It is one of the exciting things to do.

Go Street Art Hunting In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a haven of innovation, and there are lots of locations in town where you’ll see some beautiful artwork. Hit the streets with your mates, ready for, of course, your phone, and go travelling. Take a read of a guide to street art Hot Spots from Awesome Amsterdam to have an idea as to where to go. It is one of the fantastic things to do.

Tour The City By Bike

Touring the city by bike is one of the best things to do. It’s unbelievably pleasant riding a bike around Amsterdam with buddies. This could feel as if you’re taking your life within your own hands, so once you’ve accustomed yourself to the Dutch bikers speeding past you and the bumpy little mopeds, the feeling of empowerment and adventure is incredible.

Go To A Festival In Amsterdam

Amsterdam conducts more than 300 festivals a year.  There is a ton of a pit to pick from. People will find something that fits your style, whether that’s dancing, drinking, cooking, artsy, or company. When you love rock music, however, it is a better place to celebrate a couple of days with your mates than partying outside to indie anthems and party bangers.

Head To The Beach At Pllek

Pllek is a place for artists, arts and festivals, which also offer some tasty food and drink. It is selling lots of fun stuff to do with your mates on a beautiful day. Take an ice-cold beer, pull up a lounge chair on their human-made beach and lie down in the sun socializing.

Hail The Disco Taxi, Amsterdam

The disco-taxi is genuinely marvellous. Frequently dancing throughout your lift to the pubs and nightclubs is just the way the people get pumped up for a night out. If you walk the streets of Amsterdam with your mates and the disco taxi passes by, hail it instantly and buckle in for the most fabulous trip of your life. It is one of the fun things to do.

These are some of the best things to do in Amsterdam that you should do while your trip to Amsterdam. Don’t forget any one of them! Have a fantastic trip ever!