7 Best Oscar Winning Movies In Bollywood


Oscar Winning Movies have unique as well as inspirational stories. There are numerous movies that have been nominated for the Oscar award. However, not all the movies are categorized in the list of Oscar Winning Movies.

The Oscar award is one of the famous awards in the film industry. It is tedious to achieve this award. Now the question arises: is there any Bollywood movie that won the Oscar award? The answer is yes. There are few movies that achieve this honourable award. Here is the list of Oscar Winning Movies that you must watch in your leisure time.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire – Oscar Winning Movies

In this movie a teenager, who lives in the slums of Mumbai participated in the show Kaun Banega Crorepati? The boy gives all the answers to every question. In addition to it, accused of cheating, he explains the story to the police about how he provides the answer to all questions.

Gully Boy

Zoya Akhtar directs it. In this movie, Murad raises his voice against the social issue and life of Dharavi that is the greatest slum of Mumbai through rapping. When he meets a rapper Shrikant alias MC Sher, then his life takes a sudden change.

Village Rockstars – Oscar Winning Movies

This movie is based upon the story of a ten years old girl who lives in Assam in poverty. She has a dream of buying a guitar and forming a band group with boys in her area. It is directed by Rima Das.


It is an inspirational movie based upon the time when India was a slave of British. During the time of British ruler, Bhuvan, who was a farmer, accepted the challenge to beat Captain Andrew Russell, the cricket team. If he wins the match, then his village does not need to pay taxes for the next three years.

Padman – Oscar Winning Movies

Laxmikant feels disappointed when he sees his wife, Gayatri, using an unhygienic cloth during the periods. After that, he develops the machine that makes sanitary pads at an affordable price. Further, he spreads awareness about how pads are essential for ladies during the periods.


It is directed by Amit V. Masurkar. In this movie, a government servant is sent for election duty in Central India, where he faces a lot of obstacles during his duty.  

The Lunch Box – Oscar Winning Movies

It is a cute love story that starts from a mistake. The mistake is done by the tiffin carrier service in Ila’s tiffin. She made the tiffin for her husband, but tiffin service delivered the tiffin to Saajan Fernandes.  In addition to this, due to this, the bond friendship has started between both of them.

In the end, all the movies mentioned above are inspirational movies. Some movie has social message while some have cute love stories. It is impossible to imagine the world of Bollywood without drama. Movies are one of the best ways to invest spare time in an effective way.