7 Best Money Control App In India

Money Control App

The money control app is designed to track your expenditures or give you advice related to investments. It is also an undeniable fact that earning is not easy compared to spending. Either you are a boss or employee, it is tedious to maintain the record of all your expenditure or investment. On that time, numerous money control apps play the role of your manager.

The money control app is useful. Many business people use the app to get an idea about best as well as worthy investment options. Apart from it, there are numerous money control apps available on the online platform. It is not easy to find the best money control app. Here is the list of best money manager apps.

Money Control App

Home Budget – Best Money Control App

It is one of the easiest as well as simple money control apps. You can either edit or delete your expenses. It does not only control your expenditure but investments too. It also offers the facility of family sync where you can exchange the information of your budget or expenses.

Walnut Money Manager

This app is based on the formula of what, how and where and it tracks your details by following this formula. If you download this app, then you will not find any difficulty in finding the cash. It will help you in finding the nearer ATM.

Tax Calculator – Best Money Control App

The number of taxes is increasing day by day. It is hard for the person to calculate all the taxes due to the complicated tax system. However, at that time, a tax calculator is helpful for calculating all the taxes within a few seconds or minutes. Either you have a good knowledge of tax terms or not. In addition to that, it is also fruitful in tax planning.


This application is helpful to maintain the record of expenditures. It is designed in such a way that you can easily handle your multiple accounts of the bank. In addition to it, this money control app identifies those areas where you are spending an extra amount, of bucks and gives advice on how to manage the over sending. You can easily download this app.

Spendee – Best Money Control App

You can easily plan your budget and track the details of expenses with the spendee. In addition to it, one can also connect this app with their bank accounts. You do not need to worry about security. It is a secure app to use.

Stock Market Investment Tracker

This application is for those who invest their money in mutual funds. It keeps you updated about the exclusive price of the stock market or mutual funds. By downloading this app, you will take the suggestion about when you should sell your mutual fund investments.

Splitwise App

In the present time, either you go shopping or a movie, you get the bill of your purchase. It is not difficult to separate or split the bills as it sounds. With the help of this application, you can easily maintain the record of your bills without any stress.

In the end, technology has advanced to the next level. Now you do not need to worry about the expenses record. Track your expense details and reduce your stress by using one of the money control apps mentioned above.