7 Best Lipstick Shades For Girls In India

Lipstick Shades

Lipstick shades enhance your makeup look and add the glamour to your skin tone. Somehow, a lipstick shade has either improved or ruined your styling. Mostly girls like to use light shade lipsticks. On the other hand, some like to use dark lipstick shades. However, always choose the lipstick shade according to your skin tone.

You can get the lipstick of numerous price ranges but invest your money in purchasing the worthy lipstick. You will get a vast variety of lipstick shades at the market. Even the red colour lipstick has numerous shades such as light red, dark red, and many more. Here is the list of a few lipstick shades and you can choose one of them.

Lipstick Shades

Nude Shades Lipstick Shades

Lipstick of nude shade is trendy nowadays. However, choose this shade wisely. If you do not select it wisely, then it will ruin your personality as well as makeup. Therefore, select brown nude shade rather than light. Smoky eyes with nude lipstick give you a bold look.


The red lipstick shade is evergreen and suits the all skin tone. If you use the red lipstick, your face automatically starts glowing. In addition to it, you can wear this shade on every occasion right from weeding to small gatherings.

Peach Lipstick Shades

Peach lipstick shade always give you the rejuvenated look. It suits for medium skin tone and looks great with traditional dresses. This shade enhances your traditional look, especially when you wear a dress at night. Eyeliner and peach lipstick highlight your facial features.


Pink is the favourite colour of most girls. Pink shade enhances the look of those girls who have a white skin tone. Before buying the pink colour lipstick, always try it on the backside hand and look at whether it suits your skin tone or not. Always purchase the bright pink lipstick shade.

Mauve Lipstick Shades

The mauve color is like a purple colour. The mauve lipstick shade are perfect for every skin tone. If you use the mauve lipstick with the white outfit, then you will look ravishing.


Orange lipstick shade is not suited to every skin stone. It looks better on the white skin tone rather than the dark skin tone. When you are done with your complete, makeup then applies the orange lipsticks. Orange lips, smokey eyes and traditional or Indo western dress make you the star of the party.

Brown Lipstick Shades

Brown lipstick shade, also known as coffee shade. Carefully purchase the brown shade. Sometimes, brown lipstick does not suit your personality and ruin your all look. On the other hand, sometimes brown shade enhances your look.           

In the end, the above mentioned are the popular lipstick shades that are perfect for all occasions or events. However, it is in your hand what you choose. Apart from it, you can also apply lip gloss on your lips after applying the lipstick. Lip gloss makes your lips shiny.