7 Best Kajal Aggarwal Movies In Hindi


Kajal Aggarwal movies gain massive popularity among the audience. Kajal Aggarwal is one of the leading actresses not only in the south film industry but also in Bollywood too. She is known for her unique acting skills. She gains the mane and fame in minimum time with the superb movies. She works in romantic movies too.

The best thing about Kajal Aggarwal is that she gives her a hundred percent in the movies. She works in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. She is a shining star of the Bollywood industry. Kajal Aggarwal worked in numerous movies. Here is a list of Kajal Aggarwal movies that you must watch in your free time.

Kajal Aggarwal Movies

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

It is one of the best Kajal Aggarwal movies. The role of Kajal Aggarwal is quite challenging in this movie. She plays the role of a blind girl. It is a cute story. Jenny and Sooraj fall in love with each other. Sooraj is a boxer who has the worst past, while Jenny is suffering from visual impairment. Kajal Aggarwal makes the audience speechless with her performance.

Special 26 Is Best Kajal Aggarwal Movies

Kajal Aggarwal shares her acting skills with the superstar Akshay Kumar. In this movie, Ajay tries to explain his feelings toward Priya (Kajal Aggarwal). He describes how he tries to contact her. It is the best movie of the Kajal Aggarwal.


This movie is a golden opportunity for Kajal Aggarwal to share the screen with Iconic star Ajay Devgan. In this movie, Bajirao Singham raises his voice against Injustice. He fights against the corrupt politician.

Magadheera Is Best Kajal Aggarwal Movies

It is the blend of action and romance. The story, as well as the character of Kajal Aggarwal, is unique. No one can beat her acting skills in this movie. The story of this movie is started from the murder of Indira’s father. Raghuveer does the murder, but he blames Harsha. It is also the Hindi dubbed movie.

Mr Perfect

This is a Hindi dubbed movie. In this movie, Vicky breaks the engagement with Priya. Priya (Kajal Aggarwal) is his childhood friend. However, after some time, he realizes that Priya makes many compromises for him, and he realizes the value of Priya.

Dhada Is Best Kajal Aggarwal Movies

It is the other hit of Kajal Aggarwal and dubbed in Hindi. She plays the role of Rhea. In this movie, Vishwa comes from the US after completing his study and lives with his brother’s wife and his brother. Ajay Bhuyan directs it.

Double Attack

It is a Telugu movie that is dubbed in Hindi. It is directed by V.V. Vinayak. Kajal Aggarwal plays the lead role in this movie. It is a super hit movie by Kajal Aggarwal. She plays the role of Madhu in it. So, you should watch this movie in your spare time.

In the end, watch the movies mentioned above in your spare time. You will fall in love with the innocent acting of Kajal Aggarwal.