7 Best John Abraham Movies In Bollywood

John Abraham Movies

John Abraham Movies received the praises from everyone. He can grab the attention of the audience with excellent acting skills. Mostly he did the action movies in his career. Therefore he gains the name as well as fame as an action hero. In some films, he played the role of a cop and gained immense popularity.

In addition to it, he also is known as a fitness actor. He liked to work with perfection, and the result is perfect movies. Therefore you must spend your quality of time in watching his Movies. Here is the list of best John Abraham Movies that you can add in your wish list.

John Abraham Movies

Rocky Handsome – Best John Abraham Movies

In this movie Kabir who is a young man and the owner of a pawn shop. He is a best friend of his little neighbour, Naomi. When Naomi is abducted, then he goes to get her back. John gave the power-pack performance in this movie.

Batla House

It is thrilling as well as the inspiring movie. It is based upon the encounter of terrorist at the Batla House. Nikkhil Advani directed this movie. In addition to it, you will enjoy this movie for sure.

Satyameva Jayate – Best John Abraham Movies

DCP Shivansh handed over the case of arresting the man who is behind the death of corrupt police officers. He started his research without knowing anything. In reality, his younger brother is the murderer.

Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran

A task is given to IAS officer to lead an operation. This operation is related to developing as well as testing of nuclear weapons. He has to take care that American Agencies do not know about it.

Madras CafĂ© – Best John Abraham Movies

Vikram is an intelligent agent that gives a task to visit Shri Lanka. It is based upon the severe mission. He finds himself in stuck between the civil war as well as a conspiracy for killing the former prime minister.


Dishoom is a story of two policemen that are Kabir and Junaid. Both of them started a mission to find the famous cricketer. When they begin the task, then the whole drama is already started. In addition to that, it is one of the best as well as interesting movies of his.

Dhoom – Best John Abraham Movies

No one can deny this fact that it is one of the best movies of John. It is the blend of comedy, drama, and action too. In addition to it, you can also watch this movie in your free time.

In the end, John Abraham Movies have inspirations. The way he handled the role of a cop is unpredictable. No one can match the acting skills of John Abraham. You will see the comedy, drama, and action in his movies.

Therefore plan your weekend and watch all the film as mentioned above of John Abraham. You will loved. Therefore take a break from the hectic schedule and watch the John Abraham Movies.