7 Best Indian Traditional Dress Ideas


Are you looking for the best Indian traditional dress ideas?? Then this is the right place for you to gather some information about the different cultures and the lifestyle of Indians. Well, India has 29 states and 7 union territories, and the people of different caste, color, and religion live over here with a unity.

It is wonderful to see the different people having different dressing styles. Every religion has the importance of their dressing sense that is inspired by their ancestors. So here we have rounded off the best traditional dress idea that is the perfect one to wear on special occasions and at parties. So let’s start the discussion about the traditional dresses in India.

Indian Traditional Dress

Punjabi Salwar Suit With Ghagra And Kurta Chadra

In Punjab state, men’s traditional dress is Kurta pajama with turban and they style their Kurta with accessories name Kentha also they decorate their turban. On the other side, women wear salwar kameez along with ghagra and also they wear their traditional accessories.

Andhra Pradesh Saree And Dhoti

Andhra Pradesh is in the south of India and it is also considered as the Kohinoor of India because of its dying industry and weaving factories. In this state, men wear Kurta, dhoti, and lungi with Kurta that is the traditional dress fo man while women wear saree, which is also known as Langa voni.

Tamil Nadu – Best Indian Traditional Dress Ideas

The young girls of Tamil Nadu wear the full sleeve of short blouses with a shawl and this style are also known as Pavada or half-saree. Instead of this, men wear lungi with a shirt and Angavastra. Well, this traditional dress is originated from south India. But now people like to wear pants, jeans, and t-shirts.

West Bengal

Well, the traditional dress of west Bengal woman in saree that is in the white or red border and they also decorate their dress with the beautiful accessories, these woman looks so beautiful in their traditional dress while men wear Kurta pajama and white dhoti along with Kurta. They wear their traditional dresses on special occasions.

Odhisa – Best Indian Traditional Dress Ideas

On the festivals and the significant occasion, dwellers of this state wear their traditional dresses. Their western-style outfit has gained a lot of popularity in the cities. Besides this, ladies wear Sari (Sambalpuri sari) and they also wear salwar kameez while males wear dhoti Kurta but the style to wear these dresses are too different than the other cultures.

Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, women’s traditional dress is ghagra, Aagari, dhoti Kurta, bhotu and so on. on the other side, males like to wear Kurta, gol topi or Jawahar topi, bhotu, dhoti, churidar pajama. The traditional outfit of Uttar Pradesh is very different than the other.

Telangana – Best Indian Traditional Dress Ideas

In this state, females wear saree and males wear Pancha, the traditional mane of their outfit. In the present time, it is very difficult to see people wear their traditional dress as they like to wear a western-style outfit.