7 Best Indian Healthy Snacks For Evening

Healthy Snacks For Evening

Most of the families, especially parents, pay special attention to healthy snacks for evening when it comes to food. For instance, whatever food we eat in the evening or before going to bed, it greatly impacts on our health. Because at this time our body consumes a maximum of nutrition we obtain from our foods.

Nutrition is the key to a healthy life, that’s why if you are searching for the best healthy snacks for evening that you want to include in your evening meals, then have a look at seven best snacks that are along with healthy also delicious and especially kids would love these snacks-

Healthy Snacks For Evening


It’s traditional, nutritious munchies, so easy to make. For preparation, Pre-heat the oven to 400o dry chickpeas. Take a bowl, add cumin, chilli powder for some spiciness, salt as per taste. Take a baking sheet and cook the chickpeas until they become crispy. 

Sweet & Spicy Cashews – Healthy Snacks For Evening

Oven-roasted cashews are an extremely healthy snack that as a parent you must give to your children. Cashew includes vitamin E, K and plenty of minerals that consider them extremely healthy evening snack. Just coat the raw cashews, and serve it with some smoothies or you can also roast them raw and serve it with spices. 

One Ingredient Ice Cream

It’s a magnificent dessert made with only one ingredient. To prepare this, take some bananas and freeze them overnight, break into tiny bits, and grind them into a mixer and have a fantastic delicious evening!

Sandwich – Healthy Snacks For Evening

A sandwich is a quick & simple evening snack that you can’t resist to eat. For this delicious evening snacks, the thing you have only need to do is, take two slices of bread, amid use some tasty chutneys or sauce and veggies for stuffing. It’s one of the delicious & healthy snacks for the evening to eat that you’ll love.

Dark Chocolate And Almonds

Dark chocolate & almonds provide a tasty, pleasant and easy snack for the evening. Dark chocolate is filled with flavanols beneficial to reduce heart risks and control blood pressure.

Almonds consist of an abundance of monounsaturated fat & extremely beneficial to control the blood sugar level. Beyond doubt, it’s a healthy snack to include in your evening mile.  

Kathi Roll – Healthy Snacks For Evening

Kathi roll is definitely a healthier variant of the Frankies. Chapatis are prepared from whole wheat grain, which is a potent source of fiber and iron. The stuffings of nutritious vegetables and Indian cheese make these rolls one of the Healthy snacks for evening to eat.

Jowar & Vegetable Paratha

This Jowar & Vegetable Paratha including carrots, green spinach, spice powders & roasted jeera is not just very delicious food, but also it looks bright and fun in appearance. Eat with butter or milk cream, and have a wonderful evening. 

Once you prepare these amazing delicious snacks for the evening, so you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating them daily. Since these snacks are healthy and tasty, so you can’t resist enjoying them.