7 Best Green Tea For Weight Loss In India


Green tea has immense benefits for health. So, the selection of the best green tea is also essential. At present, people have a very hectic schedule, and they eat artificial food which is harmful to their health and which leads to obesity and many other diseases.

However, nowadays, people are very conscious about their health and want to be in shape. In addition to that, green tea plays a vital role in it and helps to lose weight. Thus, through this article, you will know about the best green tea for weight loss in India.

Teamonk Nilgiri Tulsi Green Tea

This Teamonk Yakuso Nilgiri Green tea contains sacred Indian herb, Tulsi, full of healing power. This freshest tea has a delectable taste and immense benefits to your body cells. Besides this purest tea has lots of antioxidants, which acts as a stress buster and enhance the power of the immune system as well. Moreover, the yakuso tulsi tea is 100% natural and pure, free from the artificial aroma.

Girnar Green Tea

Girnar’s Foundation has been making the Girnar tea since 1987. Girnar tea is one of the world-class healthy teas. In addition, this fantastic tea is prepared with a mixture of Desi Kashmiri kahwah and organic tea. Besides, this natural and pure organic green tea is not only come up with a number of excellent health effects but also has a delicious taste. Furthermore, Girnar tea is beneficial in cold and cough and helps to get rid of tiredness and feel fresh.

Lipton Honey Lemon

This tea brand is the best and very popular come up with numerous tea varieties. This tea is free from chemicals, artificial flavours and preservatives. So, this pure tea has a great taste with robust flavour and made with the best tea leaves. Apart from that, Lipton tea not only helps in losing weight but protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, this full of Catechins refreshing beverage is calorie-free because it can be drunk without milk and sugar.

Tetley Green Tea

Its natural ingredients make Tetley green tea 100% natural, and several good health benefits. It’s five times more antioxidants burns body fat and controls the blood sugar as well. Also, a nice mixture of honey and lemon makes it a testy beverage, which proves very helpful in losing weight and gives a rejuvenating feeling.

LaPlant Lemongrass

This fantastic tea contains from high grown lemongrass and the finest tea leaves. So, its high and effective antioxidant regulates metabolism and help to fight free radicals in the body. Moreover, a single cup of this tea regularly helps you to get rid of your extra body weight as well and make your immune system reliable. However, it is very beneficial to get relief from insomnia, skin disorder and improves your skin quality as well.

In the end, if you want to lose your weight, and feel relaxed, refresh then you should choose one from these best green teas.