7 Best Freelance Websites To Find Jobs and Make Money

Best Freelance Websites

There are lots of benefits of being a freelancer is you can make money wherever you are. Well, freelancer means specific pieces of work do for different firms as per the desire of one rather than permanently work for a particular company all the time. It means you have a lot of time to spend with your friends and your family members without any type of worries of job and live a nomad’s life. I’ll share with you the 7 best freelance websites to look out for jobs and make money, which is listed below:

Best Freelance Websites

Freelancer – Best Freelance Websites

Freelancer is the app which is followed since the year 2004. It is considered that freelancer is the website where the services are outsourced to the freelancers, containing the number of fields like writing, web design, marketing, and data entry of other things and everyone is welcome here with your desirable work.

Upwork – Best Freelance Websites

Upwork is another great website for freelancers to make money anytime and anywhere according to their passion. This app provides a contract to the programmers, web designers, IT professionals, writers, and financial advisers. Fairly profile, you can easily set up and set prices as per your talent.

Guru – Best Freelance Websites

This website named guru.com is a large network which connects the various organization and the freelancers. As described on the website that it only gives contracts to the technical workers, skilled, creative and business projects, it offers opportunities to freelances who are game developers, translators, and attorneys.


According to my opinion, the most interesting work is provided by the freelance website which having several categories like photography, engineering, accounting, graphic design, translation, writing, accounting, videography, traditional art, marketing, and attorney. Well, you can easily set your account on this website and can look for the projects which can you easily contribute to.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Well, to set up an account on freelance writing gigs isn’t as easy as the other website without any experience. On the other hand, it’ll pay you $10 for posting an ad and is a great app for the writers. Along with this, it gives a chance to showcase the talent with your extraordinary writing skills and you can contribute to their blog.


This website pleases freelances with the different categories of 75 jobs and offers a plethora of work in each category. Other than this, there is no invoicing involved and the most exciting thing is that your work is automatically tracked by this website. Odesk pays you weekly that how much time you have spent on the site to prepare your blog.

Pitch Me Website

The freelancers having curiosity about journalism than this is the right place for them to feel comfortable and do work at home online. Well, this website includes various categories such as fashion, culture, science, etc. Pitch me will pay for you about your writing content and how much time you have spent to write.