7 Best Food For Hair Growth – Healthy Hair

Food For Hair Growth

Due to climatic changes and other environmental changes, it is very difficult to maintain healthy hair these days. There are several reasons that cause hair damage or hair scalp problems, one of the most common reasons for hair fall and unhealthy hair is unhealthy lifestyle, food and taking lots of stress. One can just maintain just by eating certain food for hair growth. People these days also don’t have much amount of time to spend on themselves, so there are several alternatives to keep up and maintain the body such as eating healthy and certain beneficial food items. Here are the list of best food for hair growth:-

Food For Hair Growth


Hair is mostly made up of keratin and protein, egg contains lots of Vitamin B12 and proteins that can penetrate deep into the scalps of hair and help the hair growth process to be much more accurate and healthy. Iron plays an important role for healthy hair, eggs allows the iron and many other minerals to reach to the hair scalps.


This is another food for hair growth, which can help and improve the hair to be much more healthier. As we know 97% of our hair is protein and oysters are highly rich in protein and zinc which can result in great hair quality if consumed in a managed way.

Oats – Best Food For Hair Growth

Oats are one of the most healthy food items that can be consumed regularly without any doubt, there are hundreds of benefits to it. Oats mostly contain potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron which can help in the growth of healthy hair and can also help to maintain natural hair color.


Dairy products are popularly known for high contents of protein and calcium. Milk can help not only in strengthening of bones but also results in growth of healthy hair if consumed in a regular basis. A glass of milk daily can easily fit into your diet without any side effects.

Soya Bean – Best Food For Hair Growth

Containing 40% of proteins and 50% of good fast, soya bean can turn out to be one of the best food for hair growth. We are well aware about the fact proteins can help in growth of rich quality of hair. With great compositions this food item can be easily consumed daily without any hitch.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Iron has been one of the most essential part for hair growth and healthy hair, vegetables mostly which are dark green in color is a must if you are willing of healthy hair. Vegetables are higly rich in iron, protein and different nutrients which has lots of benefits to the body parts and hair as well.

Avocado – Best Food For Hair Growth

This food has been one of the most common in every one’s diet these days. It has great benefits which can be really beneficial for the body, with great contents of vitamin E this fruit helps the body to maintain the oil level in different parts of our body and scalps too. Consuming this fruit daily can easily result in growth of health hair.