7 Best Exercise After Spinal Cord Injury


Well, a spinal cord injury or SPI is the damage of any part of the spinal cord. If there are any spinal cord injuries then it can have a catastrophic effect in life. This can cause a loss of control over the many parts of the body.

Moreover, some of the damages can be permanent, so it is very important to perform the exercise to redevelop the motor function and regain a level of independence. These injuries can be different so make sure to consult the therapist. In the following, there are some of the exercises that are helpful to spinal cord injury patients.

Spinal Cord Injury

Shoulder Extension And Flexion

We can say that this exercise is just as similar to the shoulder Abduction. The difference is that in this exercise the assistant has to move the whole arm in the upward direction then back it down. This exercise can be done with the patient while lying down.

Shoulder Abduction

Shoulder abduction helps a lot in the movement of the shoulder to move it up-down. So seat the patients and then assistant should have to stand behind back to the patient. Then place, on hand underneath the forearm, and use the second hand to support the elbow. After this, try to move the patient shoulder in the up or down direction.

Wrist & Hand Extension & Flexion – Spinal Cord Injury

This is very important to keep all the safety measures while performing these all activities. To avoid the pain, do not use any kind of force on the body part, so in this exercise, with one hand grasp the wrist of the patient, with another hand to curl the fingers in the palm and after that lowly stretch the wrist back.

Knee And Hip Flexion

In this activity, the therapist has to lay patients with face-up on the surface and then use one hand to give support underneath the knee of the patient and with the other hand stabilize the heel of the patient. After this, lift the knee upside and then bending it in the direction of the chest. While doing, keep straight foot and knee and do not use any type of force.

Hip Abduction And Ankle Rotation – Spinal Cord Injury

We know that all body muscles attached to the spinal cord and hip are part of the body, which has to suffer the weight of the body while sitting. So to perform this exercise, firstly lay patient on a plain surface with face up. Then use your hand underneath their knee and use your other hand to stabilize the heel, and then try to move the leg toward you without using force on leg.

Toe Flexion And Extension

Toe flexion and extension is an important exercise to start the movement of feet, to perform this exercise, spinal cord injury patients need the help of their therapist. First of all, you need to stabilize the feet just below the toes with one hand, and then grasp the toes from upper with another hand then start moving the toes upward and backward.

Neck Extension And Flexion – Spinal Cord Injury

While performing this activity, the patient has to slowly move his chin towards the chest for 5 seconds, then after take back your head upright. Do this after every 5 seconds to gently stretch your neck muscles, but some patients should not do this activity that is they need to take a look at their therapist list first.