7 Best English Web Series To Watch Online

English Web Series

Well, are you looking for the best English web series that you can watch online? If yes, then you are in the right place. Nowadays, everyone has access to the internet, and on its various types of English web series are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. But the main thing is how you know which is the best one.

To solve this problem, I have listed the top English web series that you must watch this lockdown to make yourself entertained. So, let’s start and have some fun: –

English Web Series

Master Of None

This web series has an IMDB rating of 8.3 out of 10 that is quite good. However, it was directed by Aziz Ansari, who will touch your heart from deep inside. When you first watch this show, it will look bleak but don’t worry; it’s not like that.

This comedy web series is all about Ansari’s real-life experience when he was struggling to become an actor and comedian.

The Characters – Best English Web Series

This is another thirty-minute episode that will make you laugh like anything else. Moreover, this web series has various fantastic comedians like Paul W. Downs, John Early, Tim Robinson, Natasha Rothwell, etc.


Mindhunter is another best web series that a crime thriller is basically. On the other hand, this web series is both dark and ambitious. It is based on two FBI agents in which they interview serial killers and try to find out what makes someone a sociopath.

Moreover, this web series started in the year 1970.

The Sopranos – Best English Web Series

English web series is full of shows, but if you talk about this show, it is baes on everyone’s real-life story. This means in this show, the main character named Tony Soprano is the New Jersey mob boss.

In his life, he deals with various personal and professional issues that are related to home and business. This thing directly affects his mental state of mind, which make him seek the advice of psychiatric.

The Haunting Of Hill House

This show is equally scary, emotional, and beautiful, and you will enjoy it while watching it. It is one of the finest and excellent horror web series that is ever made in English until now. Basically, the story is all about a dysfunctional family who is haunted by memories of the old home in which they live.

Moreover, if you talk about the acting in this show, it is mind-blowing.

House Of Cards – Best English Web Series

One of the most astounding and famous shows of Netflix that has got a good rating. It is the American political thriller which is based on Congressman who, along with his wife, climbs the hierarchal ladder by doing illegal things.

Last Few Words

These are some of the best web series that are liked by people the most. So, watch these web series on your online platform with your family or friends and make your day entertaining.