7 Best Documentaries To Watch In Lockdown

Best Documentaries

Best documentaries always leave the heartwarming impression on the person. When the person is free, then he connects with the documentaries. Due to the Corona Virus, the government decided about the lockdown. Most people in the period of lockdown try the new dishes. In addition to it, while some masses work on the enhancement of their hobbies like painting, singing.

As it is rightly said, a blank mind is a house of the devil. Therefore it is mandatory to do something in free time. You can also give the preference to documentaries. Here is the list of best documentaries that you must watch in the lockdown.

Crip Camp – Best Documentaries

Nicole Newnham and Jim Lebrecht direct it. It is based upon the fight of fundamental human rights. In this documentary, individuals invested their adulthood in fighting for human rights. Many of the individuals also attended the camps. This documentary will inspire you.

The Great Hack

It is one of the best documentaries to watch. Karim Amer, Jehane Noujaim direct it. This documentary shows you the darkest side of social media. You will learn numerous things about social media. In this, Cambridge Analytic company which faced the worst side of social media.

Knockdown The House – Best Documentaries

Rachel Lears is the director. It is related to the primary campaigns of Amy Viela, Cori Bush, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Paula Jean Swearengin, progressive democrats. It will take your eighty-six minutes.

Abducted In Plain Sight

It is also known as Forever B that is directed by Skye Borgman. It is interesting as well as full of suspense. This movie revolves around the kidnapping of Jan Broberg Felt. The neighbour of Jan does the kidnapping. Therefore, spend your ninety-one minutes watching the Abducted in plain sight.

Beyond The Mat – Best Documentaries

It is directed, narrated, written and produced by Barry W. Blaustein. It is based upon the professional wrestler life that is outside the ring. If you are fond of watching wrestling, then it is the perfect documentary for you.

The Unknown Known

The political career of Donald Rumsfeld who is former U.S congressman and secretary of defence. You will experience the interview that was conducted by Morris in eleven separate sessions. Errol Morris is the director of ‘The unknown known’.

Audrie & Daisy – Best Documentaries

It is the story of two teenage girls who live in different parts of America. The boys sexually assault these two girls. After giving up from all shit like online harassment, they attempt suicide. Unfortunately, one of them died. It is one of the best documentaries.

In the end, best documentaries are something inspirational, related to historical moments. Therefore, shift your mind from the worst things to best documentaries. Even, you can watch these as mentioned above, either with family or friends. In addition to it, spend or invest your free time in watching documentaries rather than chit chat.