7 Best Bluetooth Tower Speakers In India


The best tower speakers change the way of listening to music as well as watching movies. Along with it, one can also use the tower speakers to bring enormous joy and enhancing the experience of games. In the present time, tower speakers design to set perfectly with your television. You can enhance your entertainment experience with the tower speakers.

The majority of the masses find numerous problems in getting the best tower speakers. Purchasing the speakers means spending a heavy amount of bucks. Therefore, it is better to invest the money in the worth purchasing. You will get huge options regarding the tower speakers. Somehow not all are worth it for you. Here is the list of best tower speakers. With the help of it, you will be able to make the right choice.

Tower Speakers

F&D T60X Tower Speakers

  • These have the wooden cabinets that offer the best output of the sound.
  • If you want to purchase these speakers, then you will have two options related to it. These include black and brown.
  • You can easily connect to the TV with the help of a wire. You can also connect it to Bluetooth.
  • These speakers consist of 4-inch woofer accompanied with the 8-inch subwoofer.
  • You can easily control the speakers with the feature of a remote controller.

Philips SPA 9080B

  • These speakers from Philips are prominent for its best hardware.
  • The black and impressive design makes them the best speakers ever.
  • With the help, if remote controller features, you will control these speakers.
  • You cannot only connect them to the TV but play the music by Bluetooth and USB Pen drive.
  • These speakers can easily produce the sound of 80W.

Mitashi TWR 860 Tower Speakers

  • In the term of looks as well as in the features, these speakers are an ideal solution for you.
  • With the 2.0 channel speakers, they offer numerous connectivity options like a wireless mic, FM Radio, and many more.
  • They have the option of controllers for the bass and treble.
  • These speakers have the wooden like finish on the sides.

Zebronics t9500RUCF

  • These speakers fulfill all the expectations that you have from the tower speakers.
  • You will get the option of a microphone that helps you to make your weekend great.
  • They support USB and memory cards.
  • To control these speakers, you will get the functional remote controller.
  • These speakers produce the 100 W of output sound.

Intex IT-9500SUF Plus Tower Speakers

  • The brand Intex offers a good quality of audio equipment in the market.
  • You will get the IT-9500 speakers that fulfill all your demands.
  • These speakers easily take input from all types of devices like TV.
  • To control these speakers, you have the facility of a remote controller.
  • Moreover, the cordless mics also supported these speakers.

Intex IT-12002 SUFB

  • The metal portion of these speakers gives them an industrial look.
  • You will get the remote and mic along with these speakers. Besides, you can easily control the volume of the mic.
  • There are numerous connectivity options. You can easily use these speakers with the DVD player and so on.

Flow Boombox Tower Speakers

  • It is a single tower speaker and budget-friendly too.
  • You can easily use this speaker in the party to complete the party with songs.
  • It offers the best quality sound as well as easy to use.

In the end, make your party best with one of the towers, as mentioned above, speakers. You can purchase the speakers from the online store.