7 Best And Amazing Investment Options In India


Most investors want to invest in such a way that they get maximum returns as soon as possible in the form of investment options. That’s why some people are always on the lookout for top investment plans, where they can double their money in a few months or years without risk. Below is information about some best investment options in India and their utility.

Investment Options

Mutual Funds in India

Mostly Investors are often in a dilemma when it comes to Mutual Funds. Because it is risky and connected to the market, but you will get higher return from it.

Mutual funds are related to the market, where you invest money on various financial instruments such as equity, debt, money market funds, stocks, etc.

Public Provident Fund – Best Investment Options

It is a government-backed investment plan which will help its subscriber’s long-term risk-free investments. However, the interest rate on this account is modified and paid by the Government every quarter.

Moreover, this account has a maturity period of 15 years. However, the money in your PPF account can be withdrawn only after a time period of 6 years. In PPF, your principal amount and interest earned are entirely protected.

Furthermore, when the investor chooses the cumulative option in a fix deposited. The interest is reinvested into the principal amount and which payable you at the time of maturity. However, in the non-cumulative option, the investor then pays attention as per his understanding.

Recurring Deposits or (RD)

It is term deposits offered by Indian Banks, where the customer is permitted to make regular deposits and acquired good returns.  However, the tenure of RD is usually from 1 year to 10 years.

An investor can deposit a fixed amount every month by opening an RD account with their respective bank and can get the interest paid on the amount at the time of maturity.

Bank Fixed Deposits – Best Investment Options

Fixed deposit is one of the most popular options nowadays. Basically, your money will remain with the organization for some period and you will get after adding some interest on it. When the investor invests in a fixed deposit, they have the option to choose cumulative deposited or non-cumulative deposit.

Senior Citizens Saving Scheme

SCSS is a five-year saving scheme for Indian Senior Citizens. According to this scheme, persons who is 60 years of age or above can deposits the amount for five years. from the date of opening the account and can get a good interest on the amount deposited.

Real Estate Mutual Fund – Best Investment Options

It is known as a safe investment in India with high returns, and with very low risk. In real estate mutual fund, property prices are more likely to rise. You can get the return by investing in offices and shops.

Post-Office Monthly Income Scheme

Post- office monthly income scheme is a government-backed saving scheme. However, this scheme is one of the best plans for monthly income in India.

Moreover, the total period of this plan is five years. The best part of this scheme is any person who is a resident of India can invest in this schema.

Final Thought

If you are thinking to invest any of the investment options, then you first consider the return and risk given by the investment plan.