7 Best And Amazing Free VPN Chrome Extension


The term VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It develops the secure connection between the information that you are finding and your device. VPNs also encrypt your internet traffic and secures your online identity. Apart from that, it is undeniable that Google Chrome is one of the prominent browsers rather than other browsers. However, there are also many browsers that are based upon chromium. VPN Chrome Extension is easy to manage, install, and use.

When you search for a VPN chrome extension, then you will get numerous options. What you need to do is find free, as well as the best VPN chrome extension. Here is the list of few best and worthy free VPN chrome extensions.

VPN Chrome Extension


It is one of the free VPN extensions that have approximately 100 servers across the globe. Even with the help of this, you can search for information which is not available in your native country. It is easy to use and offers unlimited bandwidth. It requires three steps, installs, signs up, and connects.

Hotspot Shield VPN Extension For Chrome

If you are looking for a trustworthy VPN chrome extension, nothing is better than the Hotspot shield. At this present time, around 2,536, 080 masses use this. You can also find blocked sites across the world. It offers new features like Tracker Blocking, Malware protection, Cookie, and many more.

Touch VPN

It becomes a prominent VPN chrome extension with 2,968,800 users. You will get numerous features like unlimited bandwidth. Even, one can unlock as well as unlock any site from any corner of the world. Users will not need to worry about security or hackers. The reason behind it is, your password, the name will be encrypted with Touch VPN.

Dot VPN Extension For Chrome

It offers unlimited bandwidth with a free plan. You can easily unblock anything in a few minutes with the DotVPN. It has ten virtual locations. You can switch to the next virtual location when you do not find accurate information from one virtual location. You can take the benefits of eighty percentile features in its free plan.

ZenMate VPN

This VPN extension has 45 million users and has approximately thirty server locations. It is easy to access with a permanent free plan. The main benefit of this VPN is one can easily unlock the content of a specific country by using a particular server. However, it has strict rules and regulations about no-log policy.

TunnelBear VPN Extension For Chrome

TunnelBear has numerous qualities like easy access, lightweight, and various free features. With the server of around 22 countries, you can unblock any information by hiding your IP information. You can also add this extension on your list.


It has 2500 and more servers across the globe with proper internet security and privacy too. You will not require any configuration while using it. There are several reasons to choose this extension, like no-log policy and many more.

In the end, narrow down your list of VPN chrome extensions with the extension mentioned above. Choose one of them for a better chrome experience.