7 Asanas In Yoga For Diabetes Under Control

Yoga For Diabetes

Looking for the Asanas in yoga for diabetes under control then this is the best place for you to know about yoga to control diabetes. Well, yoga is now becoming popular day by day because of its benefits to the body. As well as being a type of exercise, it may also reduce stress along with diabetes. Diabetes develops when the body doesn’t make insulin or cannot use it efficiently.

Yoga can do more than just relax your body and mind, a combination of Asanas and breathing techniques with meditation can help in regulating your sugar levels and also improve the functioning of the pancreas for better insulin production. Let’s check the yoga Asanas to control diabetes.

Yoga For Diabetes

Kapalabhati Yoga Asana

To get relief from diabetes, you can perform this simple yoga pose every day for a couple of minutes. It is a very effective kind of pranayama, which is a part of the Baba Ramdev yoga for diabetes. The benefits of this pose are, it improves the function of the pancreas, reduces sugar level, regenerates pancreatic cells. You can do this ten times a day.

Legs Up The Wall Pose Yoga For Diabetes

This restorative inversion allows for relaxation. This reduces the stress level, which may in turn help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Other advantages of this pose are, it can also help to get relief from headaches, boost energy, and increase blood circulation.

Corpse Yoga Asanas

This is one of the easiest yoga practices and this looks very easy but it has great benefits to the body. To perform this, you have to lie flat on the back with the arms at the arms side and the palms facing up. Focus on relaxing the entire body, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Tree Pose Yoga For Diabetes

Well, this pose is just similar as you watch in the Indian TV serials when a person tries to make God happy. To practice this, you have to start by standing with the right foot flat on the floor and the left foot pointed with only the toes on the floor. And raise the left knee, and then swing it out the side.

Supported Shoulder Stand

This inversion may help to improve the blood circulation in the body and stimulate the thyroid gland. It can also help calm the mind and relieve stress. To perform this, you have to lie down on your back and lift your legs straight up into the air.

Frog Pose Yoga For Diabetes

Frog pose is the best yoga pose for diabetes. This yoga pose helps in stretching the pancreas and aid in the better production of insulin. It also promotes better digestion and improves the flexibility of thigh regions.

Twisted or Vakrasana Pose

This spinal twist helps in stimulating the internal organs responsible for producing insulin. It can also strengthen the abdomen muscles and help in the bulky waistline. This one is the best yoga pose