7 Amazing Kangana Ranaut Movies In India


No one can deny this fact, that Kangana Ranaut Movies reveals her fearless personality. She makes her own goals and rules. Along with it, she works on achieving all the standards. With the zero contact in Industry, she creates her aroma with the authentic work. In addition to it, most Kangana Ranaut Movies show her maturity level.

The girl with long curly hair and with the unique accent grabs the attention of the audience with the power of her voice.  She has enough ability to take the stand against discrimination or nepotism. Due to this courage, at present, she has millions of fan following. Here is the list of best Kangana Ranaut Movies that you must add to your wish list.

Kangana Ranaut Movies


The debut film of Kangana makes her the star. In this movie, she fearlessly plays the character of an alcoholic girl Simran who is stuck in between her lover and a friend who betrays her trust. This movie is one of the greatest blockbuster hits. With her role, she achieved the best debutant Filmfare Award.

Woh Lamhe – Best Kangana Ranaut Movies

In this movie, she played the role of a schizophrenic actress that tries hard to deal with the demons that are inside her. Once again, she shows that no one can beat her acting skills. Kangana gives the jaw-dropping performance as a scared, tormented, and vulnerable girl.


She won the heart of the audience with breathtaking acting in this movie. She shared the screen with Priyanka Chopra. Albeit, Priyanka Chopra plays the central character, but Kangana stole the attention with her role. She loses everything in the movie, right from name to fame. This movie reveals the hidden reality behind the scene of how girls get contract modelling.

Queen – Best Kangana Ranaut Movies

It is one of the blockbuster hits of the Kangana career. The story of the film is of a young girl who goes to her honeymoon without the groom. The reason is that the boy who is the fiancé of Kangana calls off their wedding at the last moment. You will see the importance of love yourself as well as explore the numerous places.


The former Kabaddi world champion player, Jaya is forced to come back in the world of sport by her family. Firstly she tries hard to win her internal conflicts as well as the expectations of the society too.

Life In A Metro

It is the story of nine masses whose life revolves around, living and working in Mumbai. However, their lives take sudden twists when their fates are interconnected with each other. In addition to it, you will see the fast-paced life of Mumbai based people.

Tanu Weds Manu – Best Kangana Ranaut Movies

Manu, who is an NRI doctor, comes to India to search the Indian Bride for him. Further, he falls in love with a girl named Tanu. She is a fun-loving girl and lives her life without any restrictions.

In the end, there is no doubt that Kangana is the leading actress of Bollywood. Therefore watch the movies as mentioned above to invest your time in the right way.