5 Top And Best Tourist Places In Punjab

Tourist Places in Punjab

It is irrefutable that Punjab is one of the popular tourist places in the world as it is having the best Tourist Places in Punjab. The most attractive thing in Punjab is the culture that attracts every tourist towards it. The residents of Punjab are also known as Punjabis which they considered a big compliment for them. Punjabis are well known for their unique lifestyle in the entire globe. The most of the tourist places are religious places that have a great history behind it. There is a brief discussion of the top five places in subsequent paragraphs.

The Golden Temple (Amritsar)

The world-famous tourist, as well as the historical place in Punjab, is Amritsar. People have great respect for this place. As it has a very different history than any other ancient site. It is situated in the district Amritsar because of this reason this place is known as Amritsar. This place provides the roof to some other ancient places like Jallianwala Bagh, Ramgarh Garden, Akal Takht, etc.

Tourist Places in Punjab

Chandigarh – Best Tourist Places in Punjab

Chandigarh is the most popular and the most beautiful places in Punjab. This makes Chandigarh be on the list of our Tourist Places in Punjab. At this place, you can explore all the beautiful and modern places, which make your trip more memorable and entertaining. The most beautiful places that you can explore here are Sukhna Lake, Rock garden, Pinjore Garden, Rose garden and many more places.

Jalandhar – Best Tourist Places in Punjab

At Jalandhar, you can explore the culture of Punjab more deeply. When you are going to explore the most beautiful places of Punjab, then you must not ignore exploring the beauty of Jalandhar. Here you can also enjoy street shopping and this is the best place to catch for every age group.


This is the other example of the Tourist Places in Punjab that you must check-in while you are planning your trip to Punjab especially. Ludhiana is also the agricultural hub of Punjab. You can see the beauty of the zoo, enjoy delicious food, and catch amusement parks as well. The top and the beautiful attractions that you will love at Ludhiana are War museum, Phillaur fort, and many more places.


Bhatinda is also known as the city of Lakes and here you can enjoy the beauty of the various Landmarks, that travelers love to visit. You can also visit the thermal plants at this place as well. You can also catch the beauty of the historic places in Bhatinda as well.


Patiala is the one of the largest cities in Punjab. You can catch the mesmerizing beauty of Patiala, while you travel at this exciting and beautiful place. At this place, you will be explored from the history, culture and visit different architectural places in Patiala.

Conclusion For Tourist Places in Punjab

At last, we hope you got all the information about the Tourist Places in Punjab. In the case, if you are traveling to Punjab, then you will surely visit these beautiful places to make your trip more memorable.