5 Reasons to Use Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

Google, one of the top search engine, is very famous throughout the world for the best results. But have you heard about Google Data Studio?

Actually, in Google, there is a tool that helps the business to grow faster, saving time and money. So, before delivering its advanced features, why the company should use Google Data Studio, let’s have a look at what it is?

It is a data reporting dashboard that is very efficient, functional, and customizable. This has the capability to draw data from various areas like, YouTube, Search Console, etc. it is the software that has plenty of features on a single dashboard to make the business productive.

Let’s put some light on why companies must use Google Data Studio: –

Google Data Studio

Highly customizable

Google Data Studio helps in customizing all types of reports in numerous forms. You can quickly start with an empty template or packed template. However, it becomes straightforward to drag several graphs, data, charts, etc in the dashboard. On the other hand, you can even customize aesthetics after changing colors, formatting, fonts.

Real-time and filtering

Whenever you check your dashboard, it will be up-to-date automatically. Means, with real-time analytics, any of your colleagues can easily set up the dashboard to make it attractive and impressive. On the other hand, on Google Data Studio, you can also set up a filter system with the help of user type, date, and various dimensions.

Free of cost

Surprised to know, but it is correct. It set is entirely free of charge. Google is doing an excellent job of building tools that are helping various jobs to make their work effective and efficient. However, in starting, it has a limit of just five reports, but with the time ad love, you can set up unlimited reports.

Seamless collaboration

Like you work and share with Google Docs, you can also share information on it. This whole process is straightforward means you just have to send a link to whom you want to send data. It is wholly cloud-based means any person can access your all reports if they have an approved internet browser.

Multiple data sources

This feature is very advanced and upgraded. It has the capability to pull data from any of the sources. Let’s have a look at reputable data sources from which can draw data: –

  • AdWords
  • BigQuery
  • YouTube
  • MySQL
  • Analytics

This function of Google Data Studio constructs best reports that you can quickly and effectively share with colleagues and clients.

Final thought

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as you have got beneficial information on the working of Google Data Studio. After this, you can use it in your business to save your time and money both.