5 Key Reasons To Use Outlook

Use Outlook

We all have that love hate relationship with email. Whether you are using a web based email client or desktop based email client, at a certain point you are loving it or hating it. But let’s face the reality maximum number of the professional are using outlook to communicate because it is fast, secure, easy to use and with each version it improve the quality. There are many reasons to use outlook and some of them are mentioned here.

Organise Your Emails In A Folder

The best thing about outlook is it organises your emails in a folder. If you are receiving a great flow of emails each day and it’s hard for you to organise your mail then outlook will do it for you. It saves lots of time as if you need a particular mail then you don’t need to search it. You can directly go to the folder and check it. It creates a separate folder to every receiving mail in an organised manner. In other mail clients users faces challenges has to organise their emails.

Use Outlook

Save Calendar Events, Notes And Files On Your Desktop

It helps you to save your desktop files and main calendar events to remember. To save an email or other note, drag an email, or calendar event on your desktop or if you want to save it in a folder. Access it when you are ready to access it. You don’t need to remember each and every event; outlook will send you the message about that. A user can find the more contact information; attend online meetings and many more.

Offline Access To Email

One of main benefit of using outlook is to having offline access to the email.  It gives you access your emails when you are not connected to the internet. Once can clear their email backlogs by reading and responding then in similar way they do it when their system is connected to the internet. There are many users who clear their mailbox while flying without internet. This is the best use of time without internet.

Multiple Ways To Search Email

There are multiple ways to search an email. Many times users just search it as they knew what they are looking for but other times they don’t know what they are searching in that case they can simply sort the mail by date, time and size. It helps user to search email in easy ways. Outlook provides a multiple ways to search email weather its search, folder, category or any other sort email in the inbox.

Scheduling Meeting Rooms

One more useful feature provided by outlook is scheduling meeting rooms, projectors and many other resources. It user has ability to auto-respond to the meeting invite if they are busy ore free for the meeting invite. A user can schedule meeting with outlook easily but it is really troublesome with other email clients.

Here are the five reasons why outlook is better than other mailing systems. It offers many features to the users to make their job easy.