5 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Permanently

Remove Dark Circles

You have a beautiful face, sharp features but there are dark circles under the eyes. These dark circles ruin your beauty. Almost 6 out of 10 people are going through this problem due to various reasons weather its lack of sleep or stress. The problem is common in both the genders male and females. You might have tried to hide your dark circles using makeup or concealers but that is not the permanent solution of this problem. The skin under the eyes is very sensitive and thin and that is the reason any changes happening in the deeper layer of skin shows up. Here are five home remedies to remove dark circles permanently.

Cold Cucumber Slice

Cucumber has natural anti-oxidants which helps to reduce the puffiness under the eyes. It helps to reduce the effect of dark circle and contract the tissues under the eyes due to the presence of natural astringent and a coolant in it. You can put finely chopped cucumber slice on your eyes for 5-10 minutes and then rinse.

Remove Dark Circles

Potato Juice

Due to natural bleaching properties in potato it helps to lighten the dark circles. Grate the chilled potatoes and extract the juice in a bowl. Take cotton balls and dip them in the potato juice. Put these cotton balls on eyes. Cover the entire dark circled skin as well as eye lids. Remove the cotton balls after 10 minutes and wash your face with cold water.               

Cold Tea Bags

Tea has caffeine which helps to shrinks the blood vessels as well as reduces the fluid retention in tissues. Cold tea bags just reduce the puffiness and makes skin under the eye glowing. Take the green tea bag and sock them in water for few minutes, then place them into refrigerator for few minutes and put them on your eyes after they get cold. To get the desirable results, use this remedy on regular basis and you will see the difference.

Check Your Haemoglobin Level

Sometimes problem is internal and hence no remedy can treat that. Book your appointment with doctor and check your hemoglobin test. Sometimes the reason of dark circles could be weakness, or deficiency of vitamins. Your diet also effects your health and so taking a good diet can also help to light the skin under your eyes. In case of vitamin deficiency taking vitamin supplements can help you to get rid of dark circles and you can see the effects.

Get Full Sleep And Stay Stress Free

One of the main causes of the dark circle is lack of sleep. If you are not taking sufficient sleep then you should take a good sleep. The best treatment of any problem is work on its causes. Take sufficient sleep and balance your lifestyle. Those who are stressed also struggle to sleep, so if you are also not able to sleep due to stress then consult the doctor.

So here are some home remedies to remove dark circles permanently. Try the above remedies on regular basis and you will feel the difference.