5 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

There are various foods to avoid during pregnancy by women. The period of pregnancy is very challenging for the women as she has to take care of two lives. Now the question arises what does the woman eat and drink in this period?

The reason is food to avoid during pregnancy plays an essential role in the development of the child. Let’s explore and identify the food-:

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Processed Junk Food

During Pregnancy, a woman is in the time of impetuous growth. Junk food is very harmful to the child’s growth and for the child’s health as it is low in nutrients and high in calories. However, women gain more quantity of calories instead of nutrients.

 In Junk Food, the quantity of sugar is more, which increases the risk of diabetes and Heart Diseases. If a pregnant woman eats junk food, it increases her weight. Weight increase is essential, but excess weight gain can be complicated. So beware of eating Junk Food.

Alcohol – Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Drinking alcohol is another food to avoid during pregnancy, as it is also very harmful to both the child and the women. Alcohol can increase the Chances of Stillbirth and Miscarriage. It can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. From this heart defects and Intellectual disability can occur in the born baby. No one type of alcohol is safe for pregnant women, even beer and wine also. Drink alcohol can cause many problems in the child, such as

•       Small head size of a baby

•       Can be Low body weight of a baby

•       Baby can have poor memory

•       Difficulty in studies.

Unpasteurized Milk, Cheese, and Fruit Juice

During Pregnancy, a woman should only consume pasteurized milk, Cheese, and Fruit Juice. Consume unpasteurized milk, Cheese, and Fruit Juice increases the risk of bacteria. A pregnant woman should avoid soft cheese, which is made from unpasteurized milk such as Feta, Brie, Roquefort. Avoid raw juice like Orange juice and Apple juice. Before drink, any liquid, check its label, and then drink. It’s a suggestion that if you have an unpasteurized juice, first boil it for a minute, and after that, you can drink or freeze. That will be very helpful for you.

Raw Eggs – Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

The egg is another source of nutrients and proteins, is very good for health. But it causes salmonella infection, especially in young children. Pregnant women should avoid the sources of Raw or Undercooked Eggs includes-: Eggnog, Tiramisu, Lightly scrambled eggs, poached. Before purchasing an egg, you should know that the egg must be pasteurized. Before buying an egg, check the label.

Certain Fish

Fish is a good and clean source of nutrients and proteins like fatty acids, and this is very healthy and important for a pregnant woman. Many fish to be high in mercury that can be toxic, and this toxicity causes a problem in expectant parents and embryo.

According to the experts, a pregnant woman should avoid this things-: Bigeye tuna fish, Shark, Orange roughy, King mackerel. Uncooked food contains the very harmful parasite.

Conclusion For Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

To avoid all of the above food, pregnant women can prevent themselves from bacterial infection. Very important to know, Eat pasteurized egg, juice, and cheese that will be very beneficial for the child.