5 Effective Shoulder Exercises To Relieve Pain

Shoulder Exercises

If you feel pain while shaking and pulling your shoulder, this condition becomes terrible and painful. Shoulder exercises make your shoulders healthy and at the same time, relax your neck and spine. If you do not do shoulder exercises and If shoulder pain is left for prolonged treatment, it becomes a chronic problem, which can be hindered by daily activities such as wearing clothes, carrying groceries, and combing hair.

Causes Of Shoulder Pain

Various conditions cause shoulder pain. Sometimes you can get swelling from an athletic injury, which heals within a few days. But you may also have impaired shoulder muscles and may even experience an underlying joint condition such as arthritic shoulder pain. Some mentioned shoulder exercises can relieve and relax you.

Shoulder Exercises

Hand Behind Neck

First, place your hand on the back of the neck. The position of the arms should be such that the elbow is on the side. Move the elbow so high that it rises above the shoulder line. Repeat the process 2-3 times for both hands.

Neck Release

While sitting in an upright position, slowly tilt the chin towards the chest until you feel a stretch in the back of the neck. Then tilt your head to the left to stretch the right shoulder, tilt right to stretch the left shoulder. Stretches should be held for a few minutes on each side. Try to take deep breaths to help maximize stretch and rest.


Pendulum exercise is an easy and quick reaction exercise that can give you immediate relief from shoulder pain. To do this exercise, you have to bend and start your non-aching hand with a chair or table and hang the head downward. Keep the hand loose and straight. Then draw a circle in the air. The circles should be small, but gradually they begin to grow. You should change direction periodically. Repeat the process 10 to 15 times throughout the day.

Arm Across The Chest

To do this stretch exercise, place your right hand on the elbow of the left arm and pull it slowly to the right. With the help of the right hand, move your left elbow to the right. This process has to be kept in a similar position for at least 1 minute, and after this, you have to repeat this process at least three to five times for each arm.

Chest Expansion

For this stretch exercise, you will need an exercise strap, band, rope, and tie, etc. Take one of these things and hold it with your both hands behind your back. Move the shoulder blades towards each other, and gently raise your chin towards the ceiling. Take a deep breath, and stop for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat it three to five times.

If you are healthy, you should do shoulder exercises daily because when you get unwell, injured, swollen, then it can give you more terrible pain. If you feel shoulder pain for a long time, it can be chronic pain, and it becomes difficult to treat it quickly. Many shoulder exercises can be done on a daily basis for healthy shoulder muscles.