5 Easy Tricks To Look 5 Years Younger

Look Younger

There is nothing wrong in getting aged as with age we learn many new life lessons but what if we look younger than our real age. There is some charm in it. When it comes to ageing lades started investing on the expensive skin care products from lotions to serum, from hair care products to nail filing. No doubt that makeup and a good hair can make you look younger but the secrete is in our daily routine. Here are five easy tips to look younger than your real age.

No Sugar For Look Younger

You might be investing a hefty amount if your salary on the expensive skin products but these products will not help if you are having a diet full of sugar. Sugar and refined carbohydrates dissolves easily and hence quickly observed which can cause increase in the level of testosterone level and hence there may occur a breakout in your face.

Look Younger

Balanced Diet

This is the key to stay fit. Stay away from oily and fried food. To keep your skin healthy and glowing includes various colorful foods in your diet. Have blueberries, cantaloupe, broccoli, and kale, if you are avoiding fatty food the avocado, almonds, fatty wild fish are good source of good fats and you can include them in your diet. If still you are feeling bloated, gas or itchy then control on dairy product intake.

Workout For Look Younger

Health experts suggest that 30-minute workout day is necessary for everyone to stay healthy and fit. Do some physical activities no matter what. You can take a short walk in the park, swimming, dancing, gym, cardio, running, or anything that you like, but try to sweat for half an hour. You can also take steam bath for 15 minutes if you are going to attend a party in the evening. It increases the blood flow on you face which makes your face more glowing.

Fill Your Eye Brows

Everyone knows that our hair started getting thin with age but very few know that our eye brows also started getting thin too. Brows are special features of your face and it adds symmetry to the face. If one brow is thick and other one is thin then that looks very odd, to look the brows similar you can beef your brows and they will enhance the beauty of your face.

Shrink Your Puffy Ender Eyes

Puffiness under the eyes is the biggest sign of aging, while almost all the woman faces it a very few have the magic to make them disappear. If you don’t have time to put the bags of frozen peas on your eyes then you need to find other alternative which will help you to make these puffs to disappear.

If your eyelids are dropping down then try to find the solution for that too. One easy way is use a light colored eye shadow near the lash line and deeper shade near the arc line. It will help you to fake the uplift of dropping eyelids.