5 Best Video Calling Apps In India

Video Calling Apps

As the internet has gone cheaper, the popularity of video calling apps is also surged. Because it is the best platform by which you have a chance to connect with people in a better way as you can see them and from inside feel their expressions. If you are talking about video calling apps, there are lot many that are gaining popularity now and then.

So, if you want to know which video calling app is the best, then read this post from the start till end.

Video Calling Apps

Google Duo

This is one of the best videos calling app for android phones which is invented by Google with a simple interface and accessible features. Apart from that, you can easily make an account on this app by just verifying your phone number.

The best part about this Google duo app is its knock knock feature that allows user to see the live preview of the opposite person whom you are calling.


This is another video calling app that helps the user to share pics, videos, and most essentially video calling. The best part of this video calling app is you can call at least four persons at the same time.

Moreover, it also has the option of messaging, posting, reading news feeds, and many more.

Skype – Best Video Calling Apps

Skype is another famous and best app that has around more than 1 billion users all over the world on play store. In addition to that, Skype is the first video calling app that has introduced the people all over the with video calling.

However, the best part of this calling app is you can call at least 25 people at the same time. Apart from that, it also offers free text chat, voice messages, can send photos, and emojis.

Furthermore, it also comes with Microsoft and Facebook integration by which you can call even regular cell phones and landline after taking some type of pack at nominal charges. In addition to that, Skype does not compromise with the quality that’s it consumes more data as compared to other apps.


Viber one of the reputed and recognised video calling app which is liked by almost everyone just because of its features. Since its invention, with the time Viber is improving its features so that users get high-end experience. Moreover, it is the cross-platform app that runs on almost all operating system and also on mobile devices.

WhatsApp – Best Video Calling Apps

WhatsApp, one of the prominent social networking platform, also delivers the feature of video calling to its users. That’s why more and more people prefer this app for video calling. If you talk about its quality, it is best as Skype and Messenger.

Final Thought

So, these above are the best video calling apps that will offer excellent experience while calling to your loved one. All these apps provide good quality of video calls along with other features which you can use depending upon your comfort.