5 Best Poses Of Yoga For Constipation

Yoga For Constipation

When you think of Yoga, people probably say that it makes the body fit and healthy. But it does more than that even yoga for constipation is the natural remedy to get relive. Moreover, every second individual nowadays is suffering from constipation due to various reasons like diet, travel, lack of proper exercise, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. By which individual stomach get with dry and hard stools that are very challenging to eliminate. And you will not believe this constipation makes the day to day work at the haul.

So, if you are suffering from constipation, then the below yoga for constipation will be beneficial for you to get relief from it within no time. Let’s start discussing some of the poses of yoga for constipation: –

Yoga For Constipation

Downward Facing Dog

This pose of yoga is perfect for constipation as it stretches the whole body and releases tension. Moreover, this pose helps relieve any buildup which is in the digestive tract by getting thing moving up and down to end constipation

During this pose, you have make your body like V so that constipation quickly moves away, and you will feel relief.

Matasy Asana Twist Yoga For Constipation

This is another yoga for constipation, which you can do while sitting. The sitting position simulated the digestive organs and also aided in detoxification. In this, you have to bend you left leg while placing that foot on the ground over the right foot. After that, bend your right knee and try to tuck your right foot near your butt.

Next, try to place your right elbow near to the left knee and twist your body while looking at your left shoulder. Furthermore, do both sides one after the other.

Pavanmukt Asana

This yoga pose is also called the wind-relieving pose. As the name itself says, it helps in getting rid of gas from the body. Gas is the most common cause of constipation, which makes the individual uncomfortable. The best part is this pose not only cures constipation; instead, it also helps in relieving dyspepsia, acid reflux, etc.

Shishu Asana Yoga For Constipation

This pose is also named as balasana or child pose. However, in this position, you have to crouch over your knees while sitting on the floor while pushing onto your lower abdomen. This pose of yoga is one of the best that helps in relieving constipation within no time.

Crescent Twist

Another pose of yoga for constipation is also beneficial in various forms. In this the lunge, the individual forward foot must be directly over the other knee, and you have to sit on the ball of the back foot. However, for twisting, you have to put your hands in the prayer position and try t twist your bent leg.

Final Thought For Yoga For Constipation

Well, all the above five yoga for constipation are a great start, which will help the individual is getting relief from it. However, there are countless other poses for constipation, but these are the best and easy to do as a beginner.