5 Best Investment Options In India With High Returns

Best Investment Options
Gold bars and gold coins are arranged for a photograph at the YLG Bullion International Co. headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, on Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013. Gold climbed to the highest level in three weeks on signs of increased physical and investment demand as the dollar weakened. Photographer: Dario Pignatelli/Bloomberg

Are you finding the top best investment options through which you can easily get high returns? Well, India has introduced such investment plans which can please you with high rebounds. With the advancement in technology, it is worth to invest the earned money while enduring little risk. So, it is a fact that more risks you have to accept if you want higher returns.

Following is the list of 5 best investment options with high returns which are available in India:

Best Investment Options

P2P Lending- Lending Club

Peer- to- peer lending is one of the most recommended options for you to invest with short term investment. To invest in the lending club you have to make an account in this club and buy the debt. And the borrower has to pay back the debt by making monthly installments with the interest and principal in your P2P lending club account. In India, there are several companies which are underwritten this club and always try to give their best to their customer.

Crowdfunded Real Estate- Fundraise

If you want to invest in real estate than the Fundraise well deserves the option to invest. In 2012, when the government passed jobs act since then crowdfunded real estate has become so popular and the executive also ensures the public that real estate investors and developers would raise money to fund their project. Well, Fundraise always keeps risks low and interest in their projects.

TIPS-Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

The US treasury inflation offers you plenty of bond investment for you to choose the best option. This bond consists of two types of growth. The former one is the fixed interest rate that does not change the length of bond and the other one is built-in protection guaranteed by the authority. Your investment rate will rise with that inflation rate when you joined the TIPS for investment. TIPS is the only one which can be bought by an individual or can invest in mutual fund and in return invests in a basket of a higher return.

Real Estate – Best Investment Options

Investing money in real estate is very much advantageous and the money that you will invest in real estate will never fell down. You will get better returns while you will invest your money in real estate. You can get a return in two ways while you will invest money in real estate, which is capital appreciation and rentals.

Gold – Best Investment Options

Gold will be the best investment option for you when you are living in India. Investment money like this is completely free from risks. You can also purchase gold coins or you can also purchase paper gold, which helps you in saving money while you are investing it.

Conclusion For Best Investment Options

We hope that you have old all the ideas about the best investment options. These are the ways, which can double your investment and help you in earning more and more. Moreover, they are completely risk-free. So, grab more information about this and earn money from it.